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No 8 (2017)

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Sistemy kholodosnabzheniya spetsial'nykh ob\"ektov

Tovaras N.V., Artemov I.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):12-15
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Budushchie chempiony rasschityvayut na GEA

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):16-18
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Otechestvennye ventilyatornye gradirni

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):24-27
pages 24-27 views

Okhlazhdenie oborudovaniya elektrostantsii v Sibiri

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):28-31
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Eksperimental'nyy stend dlya analiza effektivnosti raboty vikhrevoy truby v parokompressionnoy kholodil'noy mashine

Solovov V.V., Kononova V.D., Sheremet'ev S.S.


The paper describes the principal of a vortex tube operation, its main advantages as compared with throttling devices regarding the temperature efficiency and specific refrigerating capacity as well as the spheres of application for moderate pressure gases. A test bench was developed to study the operation of a vaporcompression refrigerating machine (VCRM) with a vortex tube as an expander. The scheme and the test results of the unit with a needle nozzle - throttle are given; refrigerating capacity, energy consumption and energy efficiency ratio of the unit were calculated and specified. A calculation algorithm, main dependences and characteristic equations to take into account natural convection of the environment with a reservoir of cooled 50% ethyleneglycol solution are presented. The choice of the used refrigerant is based, its properties are described. Intermediate conclusions based on the test results are cited; a planned replacement of the expander on the vortex tube is grounded; it is shown that it is necessary to conduct tests using the unit constructively improved together with the comparative analysis of the results.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):32-35
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Razrabotka rekomendatsiy po ratsional'nym rezhimam protsessa zamorazhivaniya granul zhidkikh suspenziy s primeneniem azotnykh temperatur

Ermolaeva P.Y., Belukov S.V., Sapozhnikov V.B.


When granulating the main task is to select rational conditions of the process of freezing liquid suspension granules. The determination of freezing time of a liquid drop at nitrogenous temperatures including in a dimensionless form, at different stages of the process as well as under different conditions of its behavior allows revealing rational conditions of this process and offering recommendations to hardware design of an immersion cryogranulator. The recommendations make it possible to select its main geometric dimensions with higher foundation.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):41-45
pages 41-45 views

Rossiyskaya vakuumnaya tekhnika (Chast' I)

Nesterov S.B.


The first part of the work is dedicated to M.V. Lomonosov’s and D.I. Mendeleev’s scientific heritage in the field of vacuum engineering. In the second part that “Kholodilnaya Tekhnika” is intended publishing in the September issue, the thoughts of academician S.A. Vekshinskiy on the ways of the vacuum engineering development in the USSR are cited; the author considers the activity of the vacuum society in the USSR and Russia. The trends of development of domestic vacuum engineering and technology are formulated.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):46-49
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Novye patenty Rossii po kholodil'noy tekhnike i teplovym nasosam

Rukavishnikov A.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):50-53
pages 50-53 views

Poluchenie novykh vidov produktov s primeneniem kavitatsionnoy obrabotki

Petrov A.N., Shishkina N.S., Patsyuk L.K., Alabina N.M., Borchenkova L.A., Glazkov S.V.


The paper cites the results of studies of changes of physical and chemical indices of prepared compositional mixtures consisting of fruit and vegetable purées (quick frozen or aseptic storage) and granulated sugar. The mixtures were subject to cavitation processing to obtain ready halffinished products for use as additives in different branches of food industries.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):54-59
pages 54-59 views

Mezhdunarodnyy salon industrii gostepriimstva Host Milano 2017

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2017;(8):60-64
pages 60-64 views

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