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No 10 (2018)

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Mirovoy rynok kompressorov v 2017 g

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):16-30
pages 16-30 views

Plata za uslugu

Shishov V.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):31-31
pages 31-31 views

Vakuumnye kholodil'nye mashiny, sovremennoe sostoyanie i perspektivy razvitiya

Marinyuk B.T.


The paper defines the preconditions of vacuum refrigerating machines occurrence and envisages the history of development of these machines beginning from unsuccessful trials at the end of 18th century to the machines on the basis of the axial compressors at the beginning of the 21st century. The description of the works of study of vacuum pump compressors application in refrigeration systems for farming sectors that were carried out at the chair “Lowtemperature engineering” n.a. P.L. Kapitsa of the Moscow polytechnic university, is given. The problems of development of refrigerating machines using water as a refrigerant are cited and possible overcoming of them by choosing an appropriate type of a vacuum pump compressor is presented.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):32-34
pages 32-34 views

Sposob ukladki i podscheta kolichestva plodov, podvergaemykh obrabotke v kriogennom morozil'nom apparate

Syazin I.E., Kas'yanov G.I., Gukasyan A.V.


The paper examines the most rational method of stowage and counting of fruits subjected to processing in a cryogenic freezing apparatus with the aim to produce high quality cryogenically frozen products. It consists in a quick counting of products that are stacked for cryogenic processing using threedimensional (spatial) multiplication. Threedimensional cubic and threedimensional pyramidal systems of multiplication are used. The basic characteristics of these systems are cited. The method offered will allow reducing the refrigerant consumption per one product unit, improving qualitative indices of fruits cryogenically processed as well as saving time for technological operations. Both variants of fruits stowage have advantages and shortcomings. When fruits are stocked in the form of cube (counting using threedimensional cubic multiplication) the volume of the freezing apparatus is efficiently used. When stocking in the form of pyramid (using threedimensional pyramidal multiplication) the form for stocking fruits is not needed; the last variant gives the possibility to freeze products evenly using high density refrigerants. The methods described may be used for counting products when putting, sizing, packing etc. The paper is intended for specialists in the field of food cryogenic processing, it may be of interest for specialists in mathematics as well.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):35-38
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Den' kholodil'shchika 2018

Pavel'ev V.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):40-41
pages 40-41 views

Kholodil'noe oborudovanie na vystavke «Agroprodmash2018»

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):42-47
pages 42-47 views

Kholodil'noe oborudovanie na vystavke «PIR EKSPO»

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):48-49
pages 48-49 views

Kholodil'nyy transport na vystavke IAA

- -.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):50-54
pages 50-54 views

Novye patenty Rossii po kholodil'noy tekhnike i teplovym nasosam

Rukavishnikov A.M.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):55-57
pages 55-57 views

Signalizator vlazhnogo khoda kholodil'nogo kompressora

Komlev V.N.
Refrigeration Technology. 2018;(10):58-60
pages 58-60 views

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