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No 4 (2019)


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Kapital'nyy remont inzhenernykh sistem ledovoy areny dvortsa «Khrustal'nyy» Tsentra sporta i obrazovaniya «Sambo70»

Tovaras N.V., Savkina N.V., Korolev I.V., Yarkov B.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):8-15
pages 8-15 views

YORK - stavka na sil'nye resheniya

Kozlov M.V., Gorlovskiy D.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):16-22
pages 16-22 views

Vozvrat kholodi'nogo masla iz sistemy i ego raspredelenie mezhdu kompressorami

Shishov V.V.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):23-23
pages 23-23 views

Kigaliyskaya popravka v kontekste global'nykh klimaticheskikh imperativov

Tsvetkov O.B., Laptev Y.A., Mitropov V.V., Prostorova A.O., Zaynullina E.R.


This article discuses the gradual phaseout of ozone layer depleting and global warming gases under the Montreal Protocol such as hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) and the increasing recognition of the significant contribution of fluorinated greenhouse gases, such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), to climate change. Hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) and hydrochlorofluoroolefins (HCFOs) are unsaturated shortchain haloolefins presented as alternatives to saturated hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as refrigerants due to their ultralow GWP (Global Warming Potentials). HFOs mixed with HFCs in a variety of blends proposed as alternatives to R22, R134a, R404A and R410A for many industrial, commercial and transport refrigeration applications as well as in air conditioning and heat pump applications are reviewed.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):24-30
pages 24-30 views

Eksperimental'noe issledovanie termoelektricheskogo ustroystva dlya vnutripolostnoy gipotermii

Evdulov O.V., Magomedova S.G., Magomedova K.A., Nabiev N.A.


One of the effective methods of treatment of diseases in otorhinolaryngology, gynecology, proctology, urology and dentistry is intracavitary hypothermia. The implementation of this technique can be carried out through the use of thermoelectric device as a source of cold. This devices are characterized by high efficiency, reliability, environmental friendliness, quietness, accuracy of the dosage of thermal effects, unlimited service life. The design of the thermoelectric device for intracavitary hypothermia, consisting of two thermoelectric batteries (TEB), interconnected by means of an allmetal heat pipe, equipped with an acting applicator and a liquid heat exchanger. Fullscale tests of the device on the experimental stand were carried out. As a result of experimental studies it was found that without load the temperature of the applicator is stabilized after about 4-4,5 min. At the same time, the increase in the current of the additional TEB from 5 to 12 A when the main TEB current is 23 A, reduces the temperature from 237 to 224 K. In the process of carrying out the necessary procedures reducing the temperature of the biological object can be achieved at the supply current of the main and additional TEB, respectively, 23 and 12 A after 2,5 min.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):31-35
pages 31-35 views

Perspektivy sozdaniya i razvitiya kholodil'nykh klasterov dlya agropromyshlennogo kompleksa

Skryabin O.O.


The paper examines the perspectives of creation and development of refrigeration clusters for an agroindustrial complex. The ways of solution of problems that restrain the development of food sector under sanctions and import substitution are offered. The differences between the cluster and other hybrid forms of producer coordination are shown. The examples of creation of clusters in the Republic of Tatarstan and in the Far East are cited (Far Eastern fishing cluster).
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):36-39
pages 36-39 views

Zamorazhivanie yagod klubniki pri vozdeystvii akusticheskikh mikrovibratsiy

Semenov G.V., Krasnova I.S., Khvylya S.I., Balabolin D.N.


The impact of microvibrations on the strawberry structure was studied. Two methods were used to freeze strawberries: half of strawberries were frozen by traditional method at -30 оС under conditions of convection of heat, the second part was frozen under the same conditions but additionally the strawberries were exposed to microvibrations generated in the air medium of the freezing chamber using a specific program. A digital frequency synthesizer generating the electromagnetic field at 250 W/m3 power with rectangular pulse packages in the range of frequencies from 10 mHz to 5000 kHz was used. The microstructure of frozen samples was studied. The number of cells that kept their structure as well as their structural and mechanical characteristics was defined. Strawberries frozen by the traditional method kept 25-30% of cells. When using microvibrations 65-70% of cells of their total number were kept. The results of penetration and limit shear stress definition showed that strawberries frozen using microvibrations were 10-15% firmer. So, the application of microvibrations influences positively the strawberry structure, and allows improving their preservation during transportation and packing.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):40-43
pages 40-43 views

Mezhdunarodnaya nauchnotekhnicheskaya konferentsiya «KazakhstanKholod 2019»

Tsoy A.P.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):44-45
pages 44-45 views

Kigaliyskaya popravka k Monreal'skomu protokolu: retrospektiva evolyutsii ili budushchego zov?

Tsvetkov O.B., Laptev Y.A.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):46-48
pages 46-48 views

Dostupnaya energiya Zemli i ustoychivoe razvitie sistem zhizneobespecheniya. Chast' II. Resursy Zemli

Brodyanskiy V.M.


This article describes the analysis of necessity developing life support systems and their application in the XXI century. The main problem concerns the use of natural resources, especially nonrenewable, and the negative impact of human civilization on the environment. The second part examines the economic problems that are related closely with the optimization of life support systems, and projected future development of this area. Provides evidence that mainstream neoclassical economics is unable to resolve the problems of objective analysis and prospects of development life support systems in the new conditions the XXI century. A concept of «natural prices» and several versions of its application are analised. Three objective functions of such systems optimization depending on the level of the problem are considered. In conclusion, examines how the transition to «green economy», which provides less use of «inorganic» resources and update of natural organic resources, along with the further development of life support systems.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):49-56
pages 49-56 views

Novye patenty Rossii po kholodil'noy tekhnike i teplovym nasosam

Rukavishnikov A.M.


Способ преобразования работы в поток теплоты в холодильной машине Патент РФ №2522142, заявка от 20.05.2013 г., публикация патента 10.07.2014 г. Автор: Ковнацкий А.В. Патентообладатель: ООО «Ларчик».
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):57-59
pages 57-59 views

Kontrol' polozheniya ob\"ekta v zamknutoy obolochke

Ryzvanovich A.Y., Generalov V.A.


The results of studies and practical using of the nondestructive testing method of control position of object in the closed cover are presented. A description of the device for the implementation of this method is given.
Refrigeration Technology. 2019;(4):60-64
pages 60-64 views

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