Role of Cytological Examination in Diagnosis and Monitoring of Large Joints Peri-Implant Inflammation


Cytologic specimens from pathologic foci of 20 patients aged 20— 80 years with acute, chronic and low-grade inflammation in the area of large joint implants were examined. Three variants of cystograms were differentiated: reactive state in response to foreign body, chronic proliferative inflammation and chronic inflammation with bone tissue resorption. Tactics foe surgical treatment of peri-implant inflammation was chosen according to the variant of cytologic picture. Inflammation process was arrested in all patients. Cytologic method can be recommended as a component of complex examination for patients with forthcoming large joints revision arthroplasty as well as measure to prognosticate the inflammation relapse after sanitation procedures

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Место цитологического исследования в диагностике и мониторинге периимплантного воспаления крупных суставов


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