Evaluation of Methods for Correction of Spinal Root Microcirculation Disorders in Intervertebral Disk Hernia


Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the influence of various drugs upon spinal root microcirculation before and after spinal canal decompression in lumbar osteochondrosis was performed. Study included 87 (41 female and 46 male) patients aged 26 — 68 years with clinical manifestations of radiculopathy on the background of intervertebral disk hernia in lumbar osteochondrosis. All patients were operated on by Caspar technique. Indices of laser Doppler flowmetry in infrared channel were taken directly from the spinal nerve root before and after decompression. Patients from 1 st group (n=56) received no drugs. In patients from the 2 nd group (n=31) either euphyllinum (subgroup 2E), dexamethasone (subgroup 2D) or rheopolyglucin (subgroup 2R) were injected intravenously prior to decompression. All study drugs were effective and the most significant influence on the microcirculatory indices was exerted by rheopolyglucin. Initial index of microcirculation was 30 p.u. in 1 st group, 32 p.u. in subgroup 2E, 40 p.u. in subgroup 2D and 32p.u. in subgroup 2R. After decompression that index increased up to 36±6 p.u. in 1 st group and up to 40±8, 47±7, 44±12p.u. in three subgroups, respectively.

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Оценка методов коррекции микроциркуляторных расстройств в спинномозговом корешке при грыжах межпозвоночных дисков


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