Modern Tendencies of Synovial Fluid Substituting Drugs Based on Bound Hyaluronic Acid Use in Treatment of Patients with Loco-Motor System Pathology and Injuries

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Analysis of literature on hyaluronic acid role and properties as well as on the use of synovial fluid substituting drugs based on bound hyaluronic acid (HA) shows the significance of this type of therapy for the arrest of articular and periarticular pain syndrome, and high efficacy in complex treatment of osteoarthritis. Recent data enabled to understand better the mechanisms of HA metabolism and to determine the advantages HA drugs use depending on the production technology, molecular weight and other pharmacodynamics properties.

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Современные тенденции использования средств, замещающих синовиальную жидкость, на основе связанной гиалуроновой кислоты в лечении пациентов с травмами и заболеваниями опорно-двигательного аппарата

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M. A Strakhov


A. V Skoroglyadov


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