Transfemoral Approach at Revision Hip Arthroplasty


Results of 41 revision hip arthroplasties (41 interventions) via transfemoral approach were analyzed. That approach was used in stem fracture — 12 (29.26%) cases, cement removal — 20 (48.78%) cases and removal of partially ingrown cementless stem — 9 (21.95%) cases. Techniques of window, oblique, longitudinal oblique osteotomy and resection of greater trochanter were applied. As compared with standard revision intervention the duration of operation was about 40 minutes longer (159 min versus 125 min) and blood loss increased almost for 1 liter (2240 ml versus 1510 ml). Intraoperative complications were registered in 5 (12.20%) patients including 1 case of transverse femur fracture at oblique osteotomy (2.44%), 1 case of femur fracture at window osteotomy (2.44%), 2 cases of greater trochanter fracture (4.88%), 1 case of femoral cortical perforation by the cutter at distal stem fragment removal (2.44%). Excellent and good results were obtained in 30 (73.17%) patients. Indications to every type of transfemoral approach are presented.

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Результаты применения трансфеморального доступа при ревизионном эндопротезировании тазобедренного сустава


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