Surgical Treatment of Complicated Spine Injury in Acute Period


Analysis of surgical treatment of 193 patients with complicated injury of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine was performed. Optimum time for surgery, approaches, operation stages as well as necessity of injured segments fixation are considered. In cervical spine injuries decompression, spondylodesis with autobone and CSLP (AO) plate fixation were performed. In thoracic and lumbar spine injuries decompressive laminectomy, revision, meningomyeloradiculosis when indicated, suturing of injured radicis with following transpedicular fixation using USS (AO) system were carried out. High efficacy of surgical treatment for complicated spine injuries is proved in availability of minimum time after injury, rational preoperative planning, adequate anesthesiology provision, wide decompression, and accurate choice of implanted metal device.


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