Organization of Medico-Psychological Care for Patients with Traumatic Disease


Results of psychological examination of 117 patients with traumatic disease are presented. Psychological examination was performed using 16-points questionnaire by Cattel, personal questionnaire «Туре of relation to disease», scale of alarm by Spielberger, techniques «Туре of psychological protection by Plutchek and «Copping-questionnaire* as well as drawing test by Rosenzweig by 1-7, 14, 30, 90 and 180 day after trauma. Three periods of psychological reactions were determined: 1st period - acute (shock) reactions (1-14 day); 2nd period - interpersonal reactions (14-90 day); 3rd period - social disadaptation (90-180 day). The program of psychological correction was composed and tested on the base of the revealed peculiarities. When program was completed all patients had control testing. Results showed a high efficacy of psychological correction. The problems of the organization of the psychological care for patients with traumatic disease are considered.


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