In this review is covered the current data about the origin of post-operative pain and effective methods of pain relief. Article contains the following sections: mechanisms of postoperative pain and causes of transition of acute pain to the chronic pain syndrome, prevention methods, and new principles of acute pain treatment with a specification of main pharmacological approaches.

About the authors

Ainagul Zh Bayalieva

Kazan State Medical University

420012, Каzan, Butlerov street, 49

Rashid A Giniyatullin

University of Eastern Finland

Kuopio, 70211, P.O.Box 1627/ Neulaniementie 2

Bazbek A Davletov

University of Sheffield

England, University of Sheffield, Sheffield S10 2TN

Ilyuza I Yamalieva

Kazan State Medical University

420012, Каzan, Butlerov street, 49

Veronica R Davidova

Kazan State Medical University

420012, Каzan, Butlerov street, 49


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