On the question of the influence of mental fatigue on the psyche of students.
Plaksin N.V.
Materials on the question of the influence of meteorological elements on the course of seizures of epilepsy
Orleansky L.M.
Letter from the mentally ill
Obraztsov V.N., Kovalevskiy P.
Sciatic nerve vasodilator pathway
Bystrenin I.N.
Materials on the question of the influence of meteorological elements on the course of epileptic seizures
Orleansky L.M.
Physiology n. depressoris. Relationship n. depressor to vasomotor centers
Fofanov L.L.
On the question of the innervation of the movements of the pupil
Chirkovskiy V.V.
Analyzes of written works of the mentally ill
Obraztsov V.N.
Chronicle and mix
Donskov N.A.
To the physiology of the nervous retarding apparatus of the heart
Ivanov V.F.
Chronicle and mix
Editorial B.
Chronicle and mix
Editorial B.
Graphic method in application to the study of the nervous cells of the sympathetic system
Bykov K.M.
The volume of changes in the nature of evocative reactions under the influence of music
Spirtov I.N.
Chronicle and mix
Editorial o.
Siemerling. Graviditäts-und Puerperalpsychosen. "Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie". O. Binswanger und E. Siemerling. 1904, S. 179
Skuridin I.
Influence of artificial skull sutures in young animals on its growth and development
Babkin B.P.
Morphology of the nervous apparatus of the heart
Mikhailov S.
F. Parant. About a self-proclaimed painful form called premature dementia. D'une prétendue entité morbide dite démence précoce (Annales médico-psychologiques, 1905, Mars-Avril.
Toporkov N.
Auditory pathways
Larionov V.E.
On the pathological and anatomical changes in the cervical nodes of the sympathetic nerve with their inflammation
Yablonsky E.
About diseases of the nervous system with sugar diabetes
Lapinsky M.
The current situation of epileptics in Russia
Sukhov A.A.
H. M. Reznikov. To the doctrine of the structure of the retina. -Diss. SPb. 1897 year
Vorotynskiy B.I.
To casuistry of obsessive aspirations and sexual perversions. (Forensic psychiatric case)
Ivanov N.K.
Dr. V. M. B-r. Hamlet Shakespeare from the medical and psychological point of view. —Archive of psychiatry etc. T. XXX, No. 2, 1897
Vorotynskiy B.I.
Criticism and bibliography. Odessa City Psychiatric Hospital. Report for 1903. Compiled by the hospital's residents under the editorship of senior physician B.I.Vorotynsky
Obraztsov B.
Protocol of the next V-th session of the Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists on September 29, 1912
Osipov V.P., Baklushinskiy I.D.
The therapeutic value of hemorrhage in the suffering of the nervous system
Sobolevsky A.V.
Georg Eisath. K etiology of progressive paralysis in Numetskiy Tyrol. (Ueber die Aetiologie d. Progres. Paralyse in Deutsch. Tirol.) Allgem. Ztschr. f. Psvchiatrie 1901. B. 58, H. II and III. 390-408 S
Malyev V.
Dr. E. Laurent. Criminal anthropology and new theory of crime. -Trans. ed. prof. Sikorsky. Kiev, 1897
Vorotynskiy B.I.
Steinbrecher. Differential diagnosis hydrocephali interni. Zur Differentialdiagnoslik des Hydrocephalus internus. Klinik. f. psych. u. nerv. Kranch. v. R. Sommer. B. V. H. 3. S. 216
Averbuch R.
From the Committee of the All-Russian Foundation for Mutual Aid to Physicians Victims of the Russo-Japanese War and their Families, at the St. Petersburg Medical Society of Mutual Aid
Nizhegorodtsev M.N.
Ernst Beyer. Ueber eine Form der acuten Verworrenheit im klimakterischen Alter. (Archiv f. Psych. Bd. 29. Heft. pg. 182—210)
Idelson G.
L. Jacobson und В. Jamane. Zur Pathologie der Tumoren der hinteren Schädelgrube (Arch. f. Psych. Bd. 29. Heft. 1. pg. 80—181)
Idelson G.
L. Kalischer. Ein Fall von (Influenza) Psychose im frühesten Kindesalter. —(Arch. f. Psych. Bd. 29. Heft 1. pg. 231—248)
Idelson G.
Materials for the study of secondary degeneration in the spinal cord after transverse injuries
Vorotynsky B.I.
Effect of botulinum toxin on lower vertebrates in connection with changes in the nervous system of them
Favorsky A.
G. Marinesco. The ratio of multiple neuritis to primary and secondary lesions of nerve cells. Des polyn evrites en raport avec les lesions secondaires et les lesions primitives des cellules nerveuses. Revue neurologique, no. 5, Mars 1896
Board E.
To forensic casuistry
Eichenwald L.I.
The case of demonic possession
Shalabutov K.V.
A case of radial nerve palsy (Paralysis n. Radialis)
Protopopov X.I.
Е. Hallerworden. About anemic language disorder. - Archive for Psychiatry, Vol. Booklet. I.
Board E.
The pelvic membrane of the eye, as a place of sensitive nerve endings
Smirnov A.E.
Chronicle and mix
Soloviev A.
The chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists at the imperial Kazan University. Protocol of the appointment of September 28
Popov N.M.
Е. Stransky. Dementia tardiva. (A contribution to the clinic of dulling psychoses). Monthly Journal of Psychiatry and Neurology. 1905. Volume. XVIII.
Markelov G.
On the question of the innervation of the movements of the pupil
Chirkovskiy V.V.
Surgical intervention for seizures of partial epilepsy caused by a brain tumor
Lapukhin V.D.
Combined plantar phenomenon. Reflectivity in hysteria (Le phénomene plantaire combiné. Etud de la réflectirité dans l'hystérie. Revue neurol. 1904. No. 27)
Pavlov A.
Chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists at the imperial Kazan University. Protocol of appointment on May 14
Mislavskiy N.A.
About multinucleated sympathetic nerve cells
Georgievsky I.V.
I. A. Klimov. About the pathways of the cerebellum. Diss. Kazan, 1897
Vorotynskiy B.I.
To the casuistry of progressive paralysis (several cases with acute and prolonged course)
Dedov G.A.
Is mercury injected into the body for therapeutic purposes released into the spinal fluid?
Lazarev V.
Privat-docent S. A. Sukhanov. Semiotics and diagnostics of mental illnesses (in connection with the care of the sick and their treatment). Part II Moscow, 1905
Obraztsov V.
M. Laehr. On disturbances of pain and temperature sensation as a result of diseases of the spinal cord - Archive. f. Psychiatry, vol XXVIII, issue. 3
Board E.
A.P. Langovoy. About gastrointestinal disorders in patients suffering from hysteria and neurasthenia. —Moscow, 1897
Vorotynskiy B.I.
A rare deformity of the brain, accompanied by incomplete separation of the cerebral hemispheres
Osipov V.P.
Chronicle and mix
Board E.
Rene Serrigny. A case of progressive paralysis, developed during secondary syphilis, quickly proceeds; an apoplectiform seizure with a fatal outcome, Dzhaksonovskaya epilepsy. (Un cas de paralysie general sur- venue pendant une syphilis secondaire, marche rapid, ictus apoplectiforme avec issue fatale; epilepsie Jacsonniene) - Annul. med. psycholog. 1900. No. 3. 385—395
Malyev V.
Н. Hudden. Clinical and anatomical contributions to the knowledge of multiple alcohol. Neuritis. —Archiv für Psychiatrie, ХХVIII Vol., Issue 3
Board E.
On the question of ethiology and pathogenesis of psychosthenia
Kipshidze C.
Chronicle of the Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University. Minutes of the regular meeting of the society on November 28, 1904
Mislavskiy N.A.
On intracerebral endings and connections of the seventh and eighth pairs of cranial nerves
Vyrubov N.A.
In I. Levchatkin. Experience of graphical examination of the pulse and the ratio of the curves of the pulse, respiration and temperature in the growing paralysis of the people. — Diss. SPb. 1897
Board E.
Historical outline of the situation of patients with epilepsy and the matter of helping them in ancient Russia
Sukhov A.A.
About localization of cortical centers n. facialis
Aspisovykh I.N.
About the connections of the cerebellum with the rest of the central nervous system
Telyatnik F.K.
To the question of the relationship n. depressoris to the vasoconstrictor and vasodilator centers
Chalusov M.A.
Chronicle of the Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University. Minutes of the next meeting of the Society on April 30, 1904
Kovalevsky P.I.
On the issue of childhood progressive paralysis
Borovikov I.V.
The case of "myotonia congenita"
Donskov N.A.
Psychiatry statistics
Maleev V.P.
Hysteria in science and life
Vorotynsky B.I.
On the question of secondary degeneration in the spinal cord
Sukhanov S.A., Agapov A.V.
About some changes in the intraorbital part of the optic nerve after a single injury. (On the question of de-and regeneration of nerves)
Pozharsky I.F.
Prof. Ad. Strümpell: On the examination, assessment and treatment of accident patients. Munich, 1896
Board E.
R. T. Hald. Ein Fall von Veronal Vergiftung. (Centralblatt für Nervenheilkunde und Psychiatrie, 15 luni 1904). Veronal poisoning case
Boldyrev V.
Е. Tromner. Contribution to the knowledge of disorders of the external language, especially in multiple sclerosis and dementia paralytica. —Archive for Psychiatry. Vol. XXVIII, H. 1
Board E.
G. Deny et P. Roy. "Premature dementia". Paris. 1903
Toporkov N.
Chronicle and mix
Nikolaev V.V.
Н. Liepmann. On albuminuria, albumosuria and other physical symptoms in delirium tremens. —Archiv f. Psychiatrie, Vol. ХХVIII, Heft. II
Board E.
G. Freud. The theory of sexual attraction. Authorized translation from the 2nd nѣm. ed. Dr. A. Vyakhirev and H. E. Polyakov. Ed. Psychotherapeutic Library. Issue III. Moscow 1911
Obraztsov V.N.
Artur A. D. Townsend. Mental depression and melancholy viewed from the point of view of autointoxication with a special report on the presence of indoxyl in urine and the clinical significance of this phenomenon.
Toporkov N.
В. Stewart: The Increase of general Paralysis in England and Wales: its Causation and Significance. (The journal of mental science. 1896, № 143)
Board E.
The First Congress on Genealogy, the Study of Heritage and Regeneration, in Giessen, in April 1912
Sholomovitch A.S.
Prof. M. N. Lapinsky. About degeneration and regeneration of peripheral nerves. - Kiev, 1904
Vorotynskiy B.
К. Chdchowski.—Niezwykly zbior objawow, towarzyszacy znieczuleniom polowicznym mozgowym pochodzenia organicz- nego.—Gazeta lekarska. 1897, № 2
Board E.
The chronicle of the society of neuropathologists and psychiatrists at the imperial Kazan University. Minutes of the meeting on October 27
Popov N.M.
Dr. Slatow. Spilled hlіoma of the medulla oblongata at children's age. Diffuses Gliom der medulla oblongata im Kindesalter. — Monatschrift. f. Psych. und Neurol. No. V, 1908
Sholomovich A.
Chronicle and mix
Nikolaev V.V.
Chronicle and mix
Maevsky M.M.
On April 18, s. The following reports were heard: 1) I. A. Golyanitskago) on the topic: "Experiments with tissue cultures"; 2) E. R. Shnitkind: "Some bizarre movements"
Sukhov A.A.
Protocol VIII of the next meeting of the Society of Neuropathologists and Psychiatrists at the Imperial Kazan University on November 26, 1908
Darshkevich L.
John Turner. Statistics dealing with Hereditary Insanity, based on upwards of a Thousand Cases occuring in the Essex County Asylum. (The journal of mental science. 1896, № 142)
Board E.
About multinucleated sympathetic nerve cells
Georgievskiy I.V.
K. Strozewski. — Leczenie wiadu rdzenia. Treatment tabes dorsalis. — Gazeta lekarska. 1897, no. 5
Board E.
A case of a combination of Paralysis agitans and Morbus Basedowii
Tanatar L.S.
Dr. Helenefrederike Stelzner. A case of cerebellar atrophy. Ueber einen Fall von Kleinhirnatrophie. Monatschrift f. Psych. und Neurol. 1908.3-4
Sholomovich A.
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