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No 2S (2017): Supplement


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Male infertility

Chalyi M.E., Akhvlediani N.D., Kharchilava R.R.
Urologiia. 2017;(2S):4-19
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Erectile dysfunction

Chalyi M.E., Akhvlediani N.D., Kharchilava R.R.
Urologiia. 2017;(2S):20-29
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Rudenko V.I., Semenyakin I.V., Malkhasyan V.A., Gadzhiev N.K.
Urologiia. 2017;(2S):30-63
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Adjuvant antioxidant therapy in varicocele infertility

Gamidov S.I., Ovchinnikov R.I., Popova A.Y., Avakyan A.Y., Sukhikh G.T.


Introduction Infertility affects an estimated 15% of couples globally. Male factor infertility accounts for about a half of infertility cases. About 40% of infertile men have varicocele. The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy and safety of a complex of acetyl-L-carnitine, L-carnitine fumarate and alpha-lipoic acid (SpermActin-forte) (SA) for adjuvant antioxidant therapy after microsurgical varicocelectomy (MVE) in men with varicocele and assess its impact on the level of DNA fragmentation in sperm cells. Materials and methods This is an open, prospective, randomized trial comprising 114 men aged 25-45 (mean 34.1±12.1) years who underwent MVE. The patients were allocated to receive either adjuvant SA (n=38), SA in combination with a vitamin complex (VC) (n=38) or no adjuvant therapy (n=38). The efficacy was assessed at 3 months by testing standard semen parameters and the level of sperm DNA fragmentation. Results MVE led to a 21.7% increase in the progressive sperm motility compared to the baseline level. In patients receiving SA, this was by 76.7% due to active sperm motility (category A) at 3 months. MVE with concurrent supplementation of SA resulted in a 22.3% decrease in the level of sperm DNA fragmentation at 3 months. When used in the postoperative period after MVE, SA and VC resulted in a 27% increase in the sperm concentration at 3 months. There were no side effects of pharmacotherapy. The statistical significance of the change in variables was calculated using the Wilcoxon test. Critical level а=0.05 was established for all criteria. Conclusion Using nutraceuticals (SA) after MVE is an effective and safe adjuvant antioxidant therapy of male infertility in patients with varicocele which leads to an improvement in the basic sperm parameters (sperm concentration and motility) and a decrease in the level of sperm DNA fragmentation in the short term. Adjuvant antioxidant therapy of varicocele infertility potentiates the effects of monotherapy (both medical and surgical), leads to an increase in its effectiveness and shortens the time to pregnancy. Further studies in this field are needed to assess long-term outcomes of the treatment.
Urologiia. 2017;(2S):64-72
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