The mechanism of multi-criteria consumer reliability assessment as an element of decision support system for the formation of a production enterprise orders portfolio

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The paper presents the results of the analysis of different approaches to risk management in the production activities of enterprises, risk classifications. Several definitions of the concept of risk, its types and assessment possibilities are considered. The formation of production plans, as a system, is focused on the partners of the enterprise in the production chain, in particular, on the consumers of its products. Therefore, an important aspect is taking into account the customers interests, conditions and options for interaction with them, reputation and financial stability of the consumer. All this determines the degree of reliability of the buyer as a partner in the planning of production for the enterprise. The importance of assessing the degree of reliability of consumers is emphasized by the fact that it is a factor that determines the direction and results of a comprehensive analysis of orders of the production enterprise, predetermines the development of possible alternative production plans, their choice, then-participates in the organization of production and sale of finished products to consumers. This view determined the most preferable classification of risks, and as a priority direction in planning the portfolio of orders of the production enterprise - the approach to the assessment of consumers in terms of reliability factors of interaction between them. As a result, the mechanism of multi-criteria evaluation of the production enterprise customers on the basis of hierarchy analysis method is proposed. Key reliability criteria, such as delays in payment of orders, payment terms, frequency and volume of purchases, financial stability of the consumer etc., were selected as criteria for comparing consumers and forming an aggregate reliability assessment of each of them, and a system for the formalized description of this assessment mechanism was developed. On the basis of the received estimates it is possible to define the most reliable and, consequently, priority partners, and also to plan their share in the orders portfolio of the production enterprise as a larger one in comparison with the others.

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S. M. Silinskaya

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation

N. Yu. Naryzhnaya

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation

E. G. Safronov

Samara State Technical University

Russian Federation




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