Extension of the Lorentz symmetry up to conformal in the limit of ultrahigh energies


The group-theoretical justification is presented for the original approach by Kirznits and Chechin which allows for the primary protons of ultra-high energy cosmic rays to overcome the energetic limit (about 50 EeV) of Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin remaining in the scope of the usual ideas about the nature of the extra-galactic sources of the cosmic rays. It is shown that the explicit form of the factor deforming the Lorentz invariant in the energy-momentum space may be found on the grounds of the approximate transition from Lorentz symmetry to the conformal values of the Lorentz-factor of the order 1010÷1011.

About the authors

Irina A Vernigora

Email: rudikar@mail.ru
Postgraduate student, Dept. of Theoretical Physics

Yuriy G Rudoy

Email: wenera83@mail.ru
(Dr. Sci. (Phys. & Math.)), Dept. of Theoretical Physics


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