Vol 16, No 1 (2019)


Diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension [Guidelines]

Chazova I.E., Zhernakova Y.V.
Systemic Hypertension. 2019;16(1):6-31
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Obesity and hypertension: the role of criteria

Tsygankova D.P., Krivoshapova K.E., Maksimov S.A., Indukaeva E.V., Shapovalova E.B., Artamonova G.V., Barbarash O.L.


Relevance. Obesity is the main independent risk factor for hypertension (AH). A close association of obesity with arterial pressure has been repeatedly identified in various ethnic, age and gender groups. A direct link between hypertension and various obesity criteria has been studied in many countries and ethnic groups, but the results of studies show that the criterion of obesity, which most accurately predicts the development of hypertension, has not yet been determined. Objective: to evaluate the relationship of different obesity criteria (BMI, WC, WC/HC, level of IV, IVO) to the level of blood pressure and the prevalence of hypertension among the inhabitants of the Siberian region Materials and methods. It was surveyed 1600 people permanently living in the territory of the city of Kemerovo and the Kemerovo region. Statistical processing of data was carried out using the application programs Statistica 6.0. The presence of obesity by various criteria: body mass index (BMI), waist/hip ratio (WC/HC), waist circumference (WC), visceral fat (LV) level, visceral obesity index (IVO). Results. The prevalence of hypertension was 66.2% among men and 66.5% among women (p=0.886). In the obese group, the prevalence of hypertension varied in men from 75.6% (according to the BMI and WC/HC criteria) to 85.9% (visceral fat level), in women from 76.0% (according to WC/HC) to 94.0% (according to the level of visceral fat). In the presence of obesity, according to all the criteria studied, the percentage of a correctly predicted AH was 77.0%, using only one criterion, ranged from 72.7% (LV level) to 75.9% (WC), using two criteria - from 74.4% (BMI+LV level) to 76.3% (WC/HC+WC). Conclusions. The level of blood pressure was influenced by most of the obesity criteria studied, however, the greatest increase in SBP was recorded in the presence of obesity in terms of WC, DBP - in visceral fat. All obesity criteria studied (BMI, WC/HC, WC, IV level, IVO) showed a statistically significant effect on the likelihood of developing hypertension, but more so on BMI (obesity was associated with a 2.15-fold increase in AH).
Systemic Hypertension. 2019;16(1):32-36
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