Vol 19, No 5-6 (2019)

Clinical Medicine

The course of pregnancy and its outcome in HIV-infected women depending on the stage of the disease and the dosage regimen in antiretroviral therapy

Balter R.B., Tselkovich L.S., Ryabov E.Y., Ivanova T.V., Ibragimova A.R., Ilchenko O.A.


In children under 14 years of age, the main route of HIV transmission remains perinatal. We studied a group of HIV-infected women (105 patients), whose newborns underwent perinatal contact (55 children) and those who didn’t’ (50), as well as a control group of noninfected pregnant women (80). The patterns of pregnancy and delivery in HIV-infected women with different stages of the disease receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) were considered. The main complications of pregnancy and childbirth in these patients were determined. The possible effect of ART on newborns was studied, it is shown that children often have a violation of the functional state of the kidneys.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):6-12
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Assessment of risk factors and information content of colposcopy in the diagnosis of cervical neoplasia

Labzina M.V., Martynova E.S., Labzina L.Y., Kemaykin S.P.


The work is devoted to the cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) which is a topical medical issue. The authors found that a group of women with CIN included working age patients, and early detection of CIN can prevent the development of invasive cancer, which is considered to be one of the main causes of disability and mortality among women. It was revealed that patients with a history of cervical dysplasia often have HPV-infection (type 16 and type 18). Colposcopy is the most accessible and informative method for diagnosing of CIN. The informative value of colposcopy is due to the fact that this procedure allows to accurately determine the boundaries of the pathological focus, and to make an assumption about the type of the disease according to the structure of its cells and tissues. In addition, during colposcopy, the doctor can take a targeted tissue biopsy directly from the area with pathological change for subsequent histological examination. On the basis of the structure of tissues, the pathologist can make an accurate conclusion about the type of pathological process in the cervix. When a smear for oncocytology is taken, the superficial cells of the cervix are collected by means of a special brush. Sometimes this brush fail to capture the changed cervical cells, this may result in misdiagnosis. Due to this method of sampling, the diagnostic information content of the oncocytological smear is lower as compared to colposcopy. But, despite the high degree of informative value of the colposcopy, the final diagnosis is made only on the basis of the findings of biopsy. Obtained data can serve as an algorithm for diagnostics of cervical pathology.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):13-17
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Features of delivery, prevention of obstetric complications and vertical transmission of HIV infection from mother to a child in women with a positive HIV status

Tselkovich L.S., Borisova O.V., Ryabov E.Y., Kotelnikov V.V., Ilchenko O.A.


Labour and delivery medical record of patients in maternity hospitals in the Samara Region revealed the features of delivery in HIV-infected women associated with the prevention of vertical transmission of infection to the child and further obstetric complications. A method for prediction the high risk of complicated pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period in HIV-positive patients has been developed, and the algorithm for their preparation for childbirth has been proposed by the authors. Categorization of HIV-infected pregnant women into obstetric risk groups allows to perform preventive measures of possible complications and to determint the management of birth.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):18-24
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Diagnostic criteria of bacterial vaginosis in the process of evolution of laboratory methods

Stulova S.V., Melnikov V.A., Tezikov Y.V., Lipatov I.S., Kalinkina O.B., Aravina O.R.


The article presents the analysis of more than 150 articles of Russian and foreign researchers, which reflects the main trends in the diagnostic search for changes in the vaginal biocenosis. The problem of the effectiveness of the diagnosis and treatment of pathological changes in the vaginal microbiocenosis is raised. The concepts of the normal and abnormal state of the vaginal biotope, clinical and laboratory criteria of pathological changes in polymicrobial association of this biological niche have been defined. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of diagnostic methods of vaginal dysbiosis, taking into account the improvement of laboratory techniques. Alternative and promising ways to diagnose bacterial vaginosis has been studied. Our findings demonstrate the significance of improvement in the diagnostic criteria of dysbiotic changes of the vaginal environment from the perspective of personalized medicine.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):25-29
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Pregnancy outcomes in women with hyperhomocysteinemia and benign uterine tumors

Hamidullina E.F., Davidyan L.Y.


In pregnant women with benign tumors of the uterus, development of endothelial dysfunction and its clinical manifestation including placental insufficiency, miscarriage, gestosis, malformation of the nervous tube in the fetus in early pregnancy, is often associated with hyperhomocysteinemia. The treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia before gestation allows to reduce the incidence of pregnancy complications in these women by 1.5 times. The purpose of the work is to evaluate pregnancy outcomes in women who have undergone the treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia combined with benign tumor of the uterus. Conclusion. Having analyzed the outcomes of pregnancies and the state of the newborns of women diagnosed with benign tumor of the uterus, we can conclude that prevention of gestational complications by improving hormonal and biochemical parameters, despite the presence of hyperhomocysteinemia, the number of complications, including the development of fetoplacental failure associated with clinically manifested chronic hypoxia of the fetus, is reduced by 1.5 times.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):30-38
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Analysis of the features of the labour and perinatal outcomes in isolated oligohydramnios

Kaganova M.A., Spiridonova N.V., Nesterenko S.A., Denisova N.G., Syresina S.V., Artyuch Y.A., Guryianova O.Y.


Background. The incidence of isolated oligohydramnios in a full-term pregnancy is 0.5–5%. Isolated oligohydramnios is usually associated with increased perinatal morbidity and mortality. For this reason, patients with oligohydramnios undergo the induction of labor. However, induction of labor increases perinatal risks and the percentage of operative delivery. Therefore, the choice of optimal management of patients with isolated oligohydramnios is an actual task of modern obstetrics.

Objective. The aim of the article is to analyze the features of the labour and perinatal outcomes in isolated oligohydramnios as compared to patients with normal amniotic fluid index (AFI) in case of full-term pregnancy revealed by ultrasound.

Materials and methods. The study included 120 patients with a gestational age of 37–42 weeks with a singleton pregnancy in the cranial presentation without obstetric and somatic abnormalities. The main group consisted of 60 patients with AFI less than 2,5 ‰ (negative amniotest). The group of comparison included 60 patients with AFI from 2,5 ‰ to 97,5 ‰ by US. Statistical significance of the differences was evaluated by means of the Student’s test, the Chi-squared two-sided Fisher’s exact test. The groups were arranged according to the age and birth parity.

Results. The main group had a higher percentage of amniotomy (35% versus 15%, p = 0.02), cesarean section (23.3% versus 8.3%, p = 0.02) and intrapartum fetal distress (18.3% versus 6.7%, p = 0.05). However, there was no significant difference in the state of the fetus estimated by the Apgar scale and the further state of the newborns.

Conclusion. Isolated oligohydramnios is not a significant risk factor for adverse neonatal outcomes, but it is an indication for induction of labor, which in itself increases the possibility of fetal distress and surgery.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):39-43
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Modern approaches to the treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism (literature review)

Ogorodnikov A.V., Kharnas S.S., Romanova K.G.


The paper presents modern approaches to the preoperative topical diagnosis and surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism. The methods of investigation of long-term results and the quality of life of patients after surgical treatment are highlighted. They are especially necessary for the optimization of therapeutic and diagnostic tactics.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):44-48
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Review of modern actions in the field of mobile hearing screening (literature review)

Vladimirova T.Y., Kurenkov A.V., Aizenshtadt L.V.


Hearing loss is one of the most common problems affecting all segments of the population. In this regard, early detection of hearing impairment should be one of the main goals of otorhinolaryngologists, audiologists, outpatient physicians. In recent years specialists has paid much attention to the preventive medicine, telemedicine and medical care in the remote areas. Nowadays accessible environment for hearing examination and communication with specialists can be developed due to the technical capabilities. 75 articles related to the development and implementation of mobile audiometry have been collected from the international databases (PubMed, Science Direct, Web of Science, Scopus) and reviewed. The most interesting issues of this topic are presented in the article.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):49-53
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Association of proprotein convertase subtilisine/kexin type 9 (pcsk9) with vessel atherosclerosis of carotid and coronary basins in patients with arterial hypertension

Vukolova Y.Y., Gubareva I.V., Kiseleva G.I., Zheltyakova O.V., Kryukov N.N.


Clinical studies over the past decade have demonstrated the possibility of using the proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) to predict cardiovascular risk in both arterial hypertension and associated conditions. However, the information is contradictory and the evidence base has not been fully assembled. This study is an attempt to predict atherosclerotic vascular disease and the development of cardiovascular complications in patients with arterial hypertension depending on the level of PCSK9.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):54-59
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Ophthalmic tuberculosis: features of the clinical course, diagnostics and therapy at the present stage (literature review)

Aksenova S.V., Lozgacheva N.E., Vasilyeva O.A.


Tuberculosis of the eyes is an extrapulmonary form of tuberculosis, in which both the layers and the appendage of the eye can be affected. This disease is specific and has bacterial aetiology. Tuberculosis lesion is characterized by a chronic course and results in visual function deterioration and disability of patients. The mechanism of tuberculosis development, statistical data on the Russian Federation, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic tuberculosis are covered in this review. Special attention is paid to patients with HIV infection, as the interaction of these two diseases leads to their mutual progression. At the same time, patients with stage 4B of the disease are at an increased risk. Also, the lesion of the eyes often develops on the background of clinical forms of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):60-66
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Cataract problems in patients with high myopia (clinical case)

Malov I.V., Bantsykina Y.V., Malov V.M., Eroshevskaya E.B., Pavlova O.V.


A clinical case of a favorable outcome of cataract surgery of both eyes in a patient with high complicated myopia is presented in the article. The use of phacoemulsification resulted in visual acuity of 0.3 in the “unpromising” right eye and 0.9 in the left eye. Peeling of the posterior capsule of the lens because of secondary cataract of the left eye was performed twice.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):67-71
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Cataract problems in patients with high myopia (clinical case)

Malov I.V., Bantsykina Y.V., Malov V.M., Eroshevskaya E.B., Pavlova O.V.


A clinical case of a favorable outcome of cataract surgery of both eyes in a patient with high complicated myopia is presented in the article. The use of phacoemulsification resulted in visual acuity of 0.3 in the “unpromising” right eye and 0.9 in the left eye. Peeling of the posterior capsule of the lens because of secondary cataract of the left eye was performed twice.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):67-71
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Features of hematological changes in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome depending on the severity and period of the disease

Lyubushkina A.V.


This article provides a comparative analysis of the features of hematological changes in patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) in the Samara region, depending on the severity and period of the disease. In-depth study of the metabolic profile was carried out in patients with early hospitalization (until the 5th day of illness). Enzyme studies (ALT, AST, LDH, CPK), indicators of the protein spectrum and electrolytes were performed in patients (n = 73) who were admitted in the initial period of the disease. The patients with proven cases of HFRS were divided into 3 comparison groups: group 1 (n = 22) represents cases of a mild form of the disease (urea level up to 8.3 mmol / l, creatinine up to 130 mmol / l); group 2 (n = 25) includes the cases of a moderate form of the disease (urea level up to 19 mmol / l, creatinine up to 300 μmol / l,); group 3 (n = 26) comprises cases of a severe form of the disease (urea level above 19 mmol / l, creatinine above 300 μmol / l). The comparison of the groups was performed by using single-factor analysis of variance, between-group comparisons was carried out by means of Dunnetts test. Spearman’s correlation analysis was performed to investigate the relationships. Our study demostrates that thrombocytopenia and lymphopenia, as well as a significant increase in ferritin and C-reactive protein (10–20-fold) are the early signs of any severity of the disease. Both the level of urea and creatinine and their concentration in the blood as well as aggravated trombo- and lymphocytopenia, determine the severity of the disease. The revealed differences in the key metabolic indicators on the 3rd–5th day of the disease will allow to solve the problem of early prediction of the severity of the disease, which will be fully manifested in the oliguric period.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):72-80
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Prediction of the development of lipid distress syndrome in patients with a sustained response to antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C

Konstantinov D.Y., Konnova T.V.


Aim. The purpose of the article is to devise the method for predicting the development of lipid distress syndrome in patients with a sustained response to antiviral therapy of chronic viral hepatitis C on the basis of clinical and laboratory data.

Materials and methods. The outcomes of lipid distress syndrome were studied in 235 patients with a sustained virological response to antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C during the follow-up period lasting from 1 to 10 years.

Results. From the perspective of the discriminative analysis of the data of the complex examination of 135 patients, we developed a discriminative model of predicting the development of lipid distress syndrome in patients with a sustained response to antiviral therapy of chronic hepatitis C. The cross-checking of the accuracy of prediction was carried out by the examination of other 100 patients.

Conclusion. Sensitivity, specificity, prognostic value of positive and negative prognostic results and the accuracy index of the developed discriminative model for predicting the development of lipid distress syndrome are equal to 100%.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):81-85
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Methods of early diagnosis of cancer of the oral mucosa

Kirillova V.P., Kaganov O.I., Gabrielyan A.G., Postnikov M.A., Orlov A.E.


Early diagnosis of cancer of the oral mucosa is still an unsolved problem of current Oncology. Despite the large number of proposed methods of diagnosis of precancerosis and cancer, the incidence of advanced malignant tumors of the oral mucosa are quite high. The analysis of the available scientific articles on the early diagnosis of cancer of the oral mucosa has been performed. The given literature review studies the most common methods of early diagnosis of cancer of the oral mucosa and their availability for practical health care of the Russian Federation.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):86-90
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Comparison of the surgically assisted orthodontic rehabilitation techniques of patients with transversal maxillary defficiency

Nikolaev A.V., Popov S.A., Satygo E.A., Postnikov M.A.


The article considers comparison of the outcomes of surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion with the use of tooth-borne and bone-borne expansion appliances in patients with transversal maxillary deficiency. 76 computed tomography scans of 38 patients (24 with bone-borne anchorage, 14 with tooth-borne ones) were studied. Examination of the expansion was performed before the treatment onset and after the activation of the screw of the distraction apparatus. Expansion was evaluated in the areas of canines, premolars and first molars. The maximal amount of the vestibular tooth crown inclination was revealed in premolars with tooth-borne appliances. The use of bone-borne appliances allows to achieve the greatest effect of tooth body shift in a vestibular direction.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):91-97
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Estimation of the survival rate for patients with prostate cancer in the Samara Region

Andreeva R.D., Nizamova R.S., Andreev A.A.


Relevance. Prostate cancer (PCa) has the second prevalence rate in the male population. According to Z.O. Taos et al., PCa is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in men. In 2012, the number of men with prostate cancer worldwide estimated as high as 1.1 million, which represented 15% of all male cancers.

Objective. The aim of the article is to assess at the population level the survival rates of patients (residents of urban and rural areas) with prostate cancer in the Samara region over the period of 2010–2014.

Materials and methods. 5551 patients in the Samara region were diagnosed prostate cancer through 2010–2014. Patients with primary multiple cancer and nonresident patients were excluded from this group. Among the studied groups 4392 people (84.2%) were urban residents, 822 patients were from rural areas (15.8%). The average age of the subjects was 69.8 years.

Results. The study revealed the increase of prostate cancer cases among the residents of the Samara region in 2008–2017. Significant difference was also found when comparing 1-year and 5-year survival rate in patients with prostate cancer. The indicators of the 5-year observed and adjusted survival value among the patients with prostate cancer in 2010–2014 demonstrate significant improvement.

Conclusion. The survival rate analysis in the Samara region over the period of 2010–2014 shows it was lower among the patients living in rural areas as compared to the ones living in the urban areas.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):98-103
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Possibility of the analysis of an outcome of conservative treatment of the acute urinary retention in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Zimichev A.А., Pikalov S.M., Klimentyeva M.S., Gusev D.O., Adilov A.D.


Actuality. The article studies the possibility of the conservative treatment of acute urinary retention in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The purpose of this study is to improve the results of treatment of patients with acute urinary retention by revealing a complex of factors influencing the prognosis and treatment modalities.

Materials and methods. Assessment of the prediction of the response to the treatment was performed by means of the study of 280 patients hospitalized in the urology department No. 8 within 2012–2015. A retrospective analysis of the treatment outcomes has been performed.

Results and conclusions. Correlation and regression analysis reveals a complex of the most significant independent factors that influence the outcome of conservative treatment of acute urinary retention in case of benign prostatic hyperplasia. These factors can be used as the basis for a mathematical model for predicting the outcome of conservative treatment of acute urinary retention during BPH. A computer program to estimate the prognosis of life of patients has been developed. This program allows to develop the best treatment modality for a particular patient.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):104-108
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Peculiarities of bacterial agents of pneumonia in HIV-infected patients. Preventive measures for pulmonary infections in immunocompromised patients (literature review)

Zolotov M.O.


The problem of HIV infection in Russia remains topical, despite the active prevention and use of antiretroviral therapy. The main causes of hospitalization and lethal outcome among HIV patients are respiratory diseases, community-acquired pneumonia in particular. This article analyzes the literature data on causative agents of pneumonia in HIV-positive patients, the possibility to vaccinate such patients and its effectiveness.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):109-115
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Techniques of quantitative evaluation of verapamil content in whole blood

Voronin A.V.


Verapamil is a drug that can be toxic in pharmacological therapy and in case of misuse. Simple and informative methods of Verapamil quantification for forensic chemistry and hospital toxicology are needed.

Aim. The objective of the study was to compare analytical potential of different methods for Verapamil quantification used in forensic chemistry and hospital toxicology.

Materials and methods. The subject study was whole blood samples containing Verapamil. Verapamil in the blood samples was identified by gas chromatography-mass-spectrometry. Verapamil was quantified by thin-layer chromatography with videodensitometry and UV-spectrophotometry.

Results. To quantify Verapamil content, the plates were scanned, the chromatogram images were processed and calibration models were given by means of computer program. The calibration model is described by polynomial (square) regression. In UV-spectrophotometry absorbance of samples at the wavelength of 277 nm was measured; “blank” blood extracts as a zero reference were used. The limits of quantifation for thin-layer chromatography with videodensitometry and UV-spectrophotometry were 300,0 and 6000,0 ng/ml respectively. The accuracy and precision for thin-layer chromatography with videodensitometry failed to exceed 20.2 и 24.3% respectively; for UV-spectrophotometry they were 27.5 и 7.4%.

Conclusion. The ranges of quantifation make it possible to use thin-layer chromatography with videodensitometry for forensic chemistry and hospital toxicology. UV-spectrophotometry can be used to quantify Verapamil content in blood samples at the lethal concentration range.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):116-121
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Development and validation of methods of quantitative determination of biologically active compound n-(2-[4-oxo-3(4h)-quinazolinyl]propionyl)guanidine

Kompantseva E.V., Lutsenko D.N., Glushko A.A.


This paper presents the results of the selection and justification of the conditions for determination of a new biologically active compound (BAC) VMA-13-15, which is N-(2-[4-oxo-3(4H)-quinazolinyl]propionyl)guanidine bymeans of the spectrophotometry. By using the calculated values of BAC ionization constants, it was proposed to use purified water as a solvent. The maximum light absorption at 266 nm was chosen as the analytical wavelength. This was justified by the fact that in aqueous solutions 99% BAC are in the molecular form, which allows to determine it with the error limit of 1.29%, and with the least amount of dilutions. The study showed that the proposed method is specific and linear in the analytical concentration of 0.001–0.004%, as well as it is precise and correct, which confirms the possibility of its use for quantitative determination.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):122-127
pages 122-127 views

The study of the composition of phenolic compounds of the populus nigra leaves

Kupriyanova E.A., Kurkin V.A.


This paper presents the findings of the study of the composition of phenolic compounds in black poplar leaves (Populus nigra L.). For the first time flavonoid compounds such as сalendoflavobioside (quercetin-3-O-neohesperidoside), rutin (quercetin-3-O-rutinoside), and ferulic acid (phenylpropanoid) have been extracted from the leaves of the black poplar by the methods of extraction and the following adsorption column chromatography on silica gel and on polyamide sorbent. The obtained substances were characterized with the use of UV-, 1H-NMR-, 13C-NMR-spectroscopy and mass spectrometry and also by means of the results of acid hydrolysis. The flavonoids are the dominant phenolic components of the raw material of this plant.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):128-134
pages 128-134 views

The study of the flavonoid composition of the herb of monarda fistulosa leaves

Lapina A.S., Kurkin V.A.


Actuality. The herb of Monarda fistulosa L. contains the essential oil and flavonoids, which are of the greatest interest in terms of pharmacological properties. The herb of Monarda fistulosa L. contains a number of flavonoids (rutin, hesperidin, diosmin, quercetin, luteolin, luteolin-7-O-glucoside, naringenin, catechin), however, the literature on the flavonoid composition of this plant is contradictory. In turn, this gives rise to a variety of approaches to standartization of the herb Monarda fistulosa L.

The aim is to study the flavonoid composition of Monarda fistulosa L. by means of column chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Materials and methods. The herb Monarda fistulosa L. was collected during the flowering period at the Botanical Garden of Samara University in 2018. Individual substances were isolated by means of column chromatography. Bruker DRX 500 instrument (126.76 MHz) was used to determine 13C NMR spectra, and Bruker AM 300 instrument (300 MHz) was used to determine 1H NMR spectra. Mass spectra were recorded by mass-spectrometer Kratos MS-30, UV spectra were recorded by means of the spectrophotometer Specord 40 (Analytik Jena). HPLC analysis was carried out with the use of chromatograph Milichrom-6 (NPO Nauchpribor).

Results. For the first time column chromatography by means of 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, UV spectroscopy, mass spectrometry allowed to isolate from Monarda fistulosa L. and characterize the following flavonoids: isorhoifolin (7-O-rutinoside of apigenin), linarin (7-O-rutinoside of acacetin), didymin (7-O-rutinoside of isosakuranetin), monardoside (5-O-rutinoside of apigenin), apigenin, acacetin. The composition of flavonoids was studied by means of HPLC method and isolated individual substances.

Conclusion. The results can be used to develop a pharmacopoeial monograph for a new type of raw material Monarda fistulosa herb.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):135-142
pages 135-142 views

Development of the method of quantitative determination of anthracen derivatives in rhizomes and roots of Rubia tinctorum

Rybalko M.V., Shmygareva A.A., Sankov A.N.


This paper discusses the current methods to improve standardization procedure of medicinal plant raw materials of Rubia tinctorum. New approaches for quantitative analysis of rhizomes and roots of Rubia tinctorum are introduced. They include spectrophotometry at the analytical wavelength of 510 nm and ultrasound. These methods helped to achieve the maximal output of anthracen derivatives from raw materials. At present, existing technology for extracting medicinal substances from animal and plant tissues is mostly inefficient and time-consuming. Low-frequency ultrasound reduces the time of extraction by ten or several hundred folds. During ultrasound transmission through a molecule, its light part oscillates in resonance with the frequency of the wave, and its heavy part lags behind. As a result, areas of tension, considerable friction forces, superior to the forces of chemical bonding appear and the whole substance of the molecule break. Nowadays this topic is relevant because the development and application of ultrasound technique opens up new opportunities. By means of the improved technique, we found that the content of the total of anthracene derivatives in samples of medicinal plant raw materials of Rubia tinctorum varies from 4.20% to 4.60% (calculated with reference to ruberythric acid). Our findings indicate the maximum yield of anthracene derivatives from medicinal plant raw materials of Rubia tinctorum and the feasibility of further research in the development of new drugs.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):143-147
pages 143-147 views

Assessment of the quality of peppermint leaves by thin-layer chromatography in some objects of plant origin

Sahratov V.A., Malkova T.L., Karpova L.N., Pospelova A.A.


The State Pharmacopoeia of the XIV edition defines the approach for the assessment of the quality of medicinal plant materials, it deals with the identification of the main groups of biologically active substances by thin layer chromatography. According to this approach, the analysis of some types of medicinal plant materials as a part of some objects of plant origin was carried out. The article presents the quality assessment algorithm as examplified by peppermint leaves (Mentha piperita L.), which are part of a variety of plant object.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):148-154
pages 148-154 views

Comparative anatomical and histological research of the roots of Rheum Palmatum L. And Rheum Officinale B.

Semenyuta K.N., Shmygareva A.A., Sankov A.N.


Introduction. The aim of the study is to perform the anatomical and histological analysis of the roots of Rheum palmatum L. and Rheum officinale B., and also to check histochemical reactions for the presence of anthracene derivatives.

Material and methods. The methodological basis of the anatomical and histological studies was the standard method for the preparation of micro-preparations of roots of Rheum palmatum L. and Rheum officinale B. described in the State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation, XIV edition (OFS.

Results and discussion. Anatomical and histological studies of Rheum palmatum L. and Rheum officinale B. raw materials confirmed the roots of Rheum palmatum L. to have classical secondary structure, while the roots of Rheum officinale B. have classical primary structure. The histochemical reaction to anthracene derivatives with 10% alkali solution was carried out, it resulted in cherry-red staining of core rays and some structures of cortical parenchyma of the fragment of Rheum palmatum L., while the roots of Rheum officinale B. failed to stain.

Conclusions. The anatomical and histological studies of the rhizomes and roots of Rheum palmatum L. and Rheum officinale B. demonstrate the difference in the structure of closely related species of plants. It makes possible to identify the medicinal raw material of these plants.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):155-159
pages 155-159 views

Pharmacognostic and pharmacological study of liquid extract of Crataegus Submollis Sarg. Flowers

Shaikhutdinov I.K., Morozova T.V., Kurkin V.A., Zaitceva E.N., Pravdivtseva O.E., Kurkinа A.V., Stenyaeva V.V.


The flowers and fruits of various species of the hawthorn genus (Crataegus L.) are widely used in domestic and foreign medical practice as cardiotonic agents. A perspective species for collecting of the raw material is Crataegus submollis Sarg. It was determined that 70% ethanol is an optimal extragent for the extraction of flavonoids from Crataegus submollis Sarg. flowers. The content of the total flavonoids in terms of hyperoside in the liquid extract of Crataegus submollis Sarg. flowers is 0,24 ± 0,01%. It was established that liquid extract of Crataegus submollis Sarg. with using of 70% ethanol in case of a single intragastric administration in the dose of 100 μl/kg shows significant antidepressant activity. Crataegus submollis Sarg. flowers are the perspective medicinal plant raw materials.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):160-164
pages 160-164 views

Analysis of the current market of Russian medical products and the volume of their use for providing in patient medical care

Paygin F.R., Gladunova E.P., Shirobokov Y.E.


The article is devoted to the analysis of the current market of Russian medical products. The production level of medical devices, the main tendencies of its development in Russian Federal Districts are revealed and evaluated. The analysis of the purchase and use of medical products in multidisciplinary healthcare organizations taking into account individual sources of funding is performed.

Aspirantskiy Vestnik Povolzhiya. 2019;19(5-6):165-172
pages 165-172 views

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