1. The journal publishes scientific work, which is based on the author research developed a theoretical position either solved scientific and practical problem. The article must be written by author independently, possess internal unity, should contain new scientific results and provisions. Applied nature paper should provide urgent data on practical aspect of the results received by author. Theoretical nature paper should have recommendations on the use of scientific findings. The author’s suggestions is advisable to bring in comparison with other known theories.

2. We invite for cooperation authors from various strata of society — academics and practitioners, experts from various industries and areas of law as well as economists, philosophers, political scientists, sociologists, and cultural researchers, graduate students.

3. The submission of author’s article for publication in journal is considered the acceptance, i.e consent of the author to enter in the License agreement on transfer of rights of use of the article in the journal. Contents of the agreement are published on the website of the magazine (www.russianjls.ru).

4. The author sends an article according to the conditions and procedures for submitting and publishing articles, as well as the requirements to articles execution published on the website of the journal (http://www.russianjls.com/). Failure to comply with these requirements the editorial Board reserves the right to keep an article without consideration.

5. In article it is necessary to specify, in Russian and English languages following information: surname, name and author’s middle name; academic degree and title (if available); place of work or study; postal and email address, at the request of the Higher Attestation Commission, will be given in the journal.

6. Then article submitted to the journal should contain (in Russian and English): title, summary (200—250 words) and keywords (at least 5 words)

7. The article is submitted to the editor’s e-mail (rjls@bk.ru) in form of a file stored in any version of Word with .doc or .rtf. extension

8. Requirements to the content and length of articles: articles should be up to 40 thousand characters (including spaces, subject to the footnotes). Work should be carried out according to the requirements: font — Times New Roman, font height — 14 points; line spacing — one and a half, indention — 1.25 cm field: left — 3 cm, right — 1,5 cm, top and bottom — 2 cm). Publication of the materials of greater length is possible by agreement with the editorial Board of the journal.

9. It is necessary to specify precisely a source of citations, digital and actual data. When making links, you must follow the bibliographic state standard specification 7.0.5-2008. References are made in the form of page references (to be placed in the text as footnotes and bibliographical references), the numbering is continuous (for example, 1 to 32).

10. Footnotes are gathered by the Times New Roman font. Font height — 10 points; line spacing — unary. The reference mark in the text is put before a punctuation mark (a point, a comma, a colon, a semicolon). Links to foreign sources should be specified in original language. Links to electronic resources should be arranged according to bibliographic state standard specification 7.82−2001.11. The bibliographic list should be arranged according to bibliographic state standard specification 7.1-2003. In the bibliography legal sources aren’t specified(regulations, judgments and other law-enforcement practice). An example of article execution is shown on journals website