Benefits of Living in A Gated Community

by Capital Smart City Islamabad (26.02.2020)

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It is essential to pay attention to the surrounding neighbourhood when you are planning to buy a house. It is because each neighbourhood has its own attributes.

A gated community is a type of a housing society where the boundaries are marked and protected by the walls and fences. Similarly, it is also strictly controlled by the entrances and exits. 

Therefore, most of the people prefer to live in gated communities because it provides them with a sense of safety and security.

Such communities include small residential streets and various amenities like parks. Moreover, they also incorporate modern infrastructure, well-built roads, a continuous supply of water and electricity.

Additionally, they also offer other facilities like hospitals, schools, restaurants, mosques, theatres, parks, and shopping malls.

Because of these reasons, the construction of gated communities has become one of the most growing real estate trends in Pakistan.



The real estate developers have so far built more than 250 gated communities all across Pakistan. Some of the gated communities of Islamabad include:

  1.   Bahria Enclave Islamabad
  2.   Dha Islamabad
  3.   Gulberg Islamabad
  4.   Defence Villas
  5.   Blue World City
  6.   Capital Smart City

Benefits of Living in A Gated Community

What comes to your mind when you think about the advantages of residing in a gated community? Probably things like security, safety, and modern infrastructure.

Gated communities have become the fastest-growing form of housing in Pakistan. If you are planning to move into one, here you can find detailed benefits of living in a gated community.

  1.   Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are the two main elements of a gated community. It is because only residents and guests are allowed through the gates that decreases the chances of crimes. Additionally, any access to the neighbourhood is also strictly controlled.

  1.   Community Living

Gated communities also facilitate neighbourhood parties along with the entertainment, sports, and educational groups. It provides a sense of living in a community. Similarly, it is also easy for the residents to make friends and enjoy their spare time with them.

  1.   Slow-Moving Traffic

Residents will not have to worry about the noise of traffic because of the absence of heavy traffic and speedy vehicles. With this, they can enjoy a peaceful and quiet life away from the usual traffic noise of the city.

  1.   Safer Surroundings for Children

As discussed above, these communities do not permit the outsiders to enter. Furthermore, there is no fast-moving traffic. Such facilities make it safer for children.

  1.   Higher Property Value

The houses in these communities are often of high quality, design, beauty and price. Thus, they have a better chance of earning property value and tend to remain stable through fluctuations in market price.

For this reason, houses in gated communities are considered a better investment option than any other types of housing. 

The concept of a gated community is an old-age concept of living in peaceful surroundings. Thus, do not hesitate to put your money down for a better way of living.

Blue World City is another mega housing project by Blue Group of Companies located in proximity to both Rawalpindi and Islamabad city.


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