How to Write an Essay Introduction

by Nerd Papers (10.11.2020)

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If there is any part of an essay that matters the most, it is the introduction. Any essay writer worth their salt would be asking the question “How can I write my essay in a way that people want to read it?”, the trick is the introduction. The introduction is the only thing that will make a reader decide whether they want to continue reading the rest of your essay or stop right then and there.

Writing an introduction is simple, but there are a lot of things you can do wrong. Even something minor as using long sentences could throw off your reader and make them not want to continue reading. So, as an essay writer, if you want to create an introduction that just bedazzles your readers and practically forces them to read on, you’re on the right page. You can either make use of an incredible essay writing service online or make use of this guide to help you in your efforts. Here’s a bunch of tips you need to implement to draft the perfect introduction.

Ease the Reader into the Topic

The topic of your essay could be technical i.e. relating to science and technology or it could be non-technical e.g. politics, religion, etc. In both cases, you have an audience that may not be familiar with the technical concepts, or one that doesn’t care about the non-technical ones. They may not have the required knowledge to fully grasp your essay’s true data. It is important that you ease them in slowly and give them some preliminary information that brings them up to speed.

In academic essays, you don’t really care much about this since the person reading your essay will be a professor or someone that knows at least the basics of your topic. But essays that will be posted online and read by the public need to have a casual tone that doesn’t drop the reader right into the details. This is a golden rule that most essay writing services online follow.

Adopt a Conversational Tone

If you’re wondering, “How can I write my essay to hook the reader into the topic?”, it is simple. Be their friend! Adopting a conversational tone in an essay is not really a recommended practice, but when it comes to the introduction, it’ll help with the readability of your article. Try creating a relatable scenario where a reader can just look at your lines and think, “Yeah, I feel the same way”. Implementing this unorthodox writing strategy will create a positive image of the essay in the reader’s mind and make sure that they read the whole thing regardless of the length.

Draft the Perfect Thesis Statement

The Thesis Statement is a critical part of your introduction that tells the reader what your essay is supposed to do. Thus, it is vital that, as an essay writer, the thesis statement addresses the domain and sub-domain of the topic your thesis is targeting and defines the boundary of the topic your essay will cover. This is the section that can help a reader understand if your essay contains the information that they require. It only contains about one or two sentences. We highly recommend spending a decent bit of time writing the thesis statement purely because if it doesn’t define your essay’s purpose clearly, readers will either be misled, or they’ll walk away.

Provide Facts and Figures

A lot of times, people make the common mistake of filling their introduction with bold claims and multiple uses of words like “always”, “every time”, etc. You don’t need to introduce your readers to claims in the introduction, you should give them facts and figures. Use statistics and cite sources to provide some back up to your claims. The reader needs to get a feel for the authenticity of your essay before they continue further.

Closing Thoughts

Completing an essay and creating something perfect isn’t easy. The introduction is just the first step in the mountain you must climb. If you feel that things may be a bit over your head, go ahead and contact Nerd Papers. If you’re asking the question “Is there someone who can write my essay?”. Well, you’ve found one. We’re experts when it comes to essay writing services online and have dealt with clients like yourselves hundreds of times before. If you’re looking for reliable writers, give our people a call.

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