Music for Christmas and New Year

by Heulwen Hypatia (10.12.2020)

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Hi everybody.
Coming up is Christmas and New Year, the two biggest holidays of a year ahead. What songs have you prepared to enjoy those moments with your family?
For Christmas, I prepared a music playlist to enjoy the atmosphere with my family, although this year there is no Santa Claus due to the impact of the epidemic. We listen to music and share it to spread it everywhere.
New year, 2021 with the anticipation of the latest 2021 tono. I will prepare well for that, what about you?


Re: Music for Christmas and New Year

by Martha Martha (02.10.2022)
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One of the best things about Christmas and New Year is that it brings holiday cheer. And if you're looking for something to fill your ears with, you've come to the right place. Here you can get rap artist... Read more

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