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by john fahad (25.05.2021)

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Writing tips

Public speaking is a skill and it works like all other skills: it improves with preparation and practice.

Most of us agree with Virgin founder Richard Branson when he says that "communication is the most important skill any leader can possess," but despite its undoubted importance, no one teaches us to improve our oral communication. It seems that we come from home taught, but we are not.  Public speaking is a skill and it works like all other skills: it improves with preparation and practice.

Although we do not start with good communication skills, we are shy, and speaking in front of strangers is a stressful experience, we can learn to be talkative speakers and debate coherently. Here are some tips to get it :


Make yours the Socrates quote, "Everyone is eloquent when he talks about what he knows," and soak up the subject you are going to talk about. The more you master the subject, the more confident you will have to control your nerves and improvise if necessary and write my essay.


To improve you have to practice. You can read aloud in front of a mirror but it is not enough to rehearse when we are alone, it is important that other people observe how you are doing and what are the aspects that you have to improve.


To speak correctly you do not need to use elaborate or complicated vocabulary. Be yourself, be close and transmit confidence. As Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the greatest sophistication. "


Try, from the beginning, to capture attention by starting with force. Having the interlocutors interested from the beginning will make it easier for you to focus and give you self-confidence. There are several formulas to achieve this interest, from telling an anecdote to asking a rhetorical question to thread with your speech, but the most important thing is not to start with concepts that are difficult to understand or interrelate. The same happens with the closure. They should be about 30 seconds able to summarize what was said. This will help your listeners retain key concepts and write essay for me.


Better to speak slowly than too fast. It is usual that the first time we speak in public we do it faster than normal. The reason is simple, we are looking forward to finishing. Speaking at a good pace helps others to hear you correctly and understand you, so try to maintain a pace between 120-150 words per minute.


Don't be afraid of silences. At the beginning of your intervention, if you allow a couple of seconds to elapse , you will project security and attract attention. Although that silence seems like an eternity, it is not.


Don't make an effort to speak up thinking that this way they will understand you better. In our environment, we tend to speak too loud and that does not help to create a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, shouting loses a lot of oxygen and makes it difficult to enunciate complete sentences.


Take care of your gestures and postures. It conveys a relaxed but firm image. The position of the sword, along with that of the shoulders, is essential, but not only that, it also takes care of the position of your chin. When you lift it, you will breathe easier and the words will come out of your throat without hindrance.


Use non-verbal communication to emphasize ideas, but always try to keep it natural. If you don't know what to do with your hands, keep them still and avoid repetitive movements like scratching your face or touching clothing. Nervous gestures attract the attention of your interlocutors and detract from your speech and write my essay for me.


Attend to others is essential to see their reactions and adapt the message if necessary. Maintain eye contact with your audience and don't disconnect. If you know some names, interact with them. The more involved you make your audience, the less likely they are to get bored.


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