The vocabulary is not very good, how can I improve my writing?

by Lana Braun (13.06.2021)

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The vocabulary is not very good, how can I improve my writing?


Mobilize emotions

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If you were given a piece of charcoal, what would you write? We often say that the heart is like dead gray, and the predecessor of gray may be charcoal. So, everyone might think how can charcoal be written? A piece of black charcoal. Where to stay cool!


Self-expression: How do you improve speaking and writing skills?


Zhang Ailing opened our eyes wide at the beginning of her novel "Be Merciful":


A small brazier with charcoal nestled in the white ashes. Charcoal was a tree at first, and then died. Now, through the red and faint fire in his body, he has come back to life. However, when he is alive, he will soon become ashes.


The whole one is written as a person who has experienced ups and downs. It seems that our readers are not reading a text about carbon, but looking at the inner monologue of a weather-beaten person. This means that the author Zhang Ailing has made this charcoal alive. Why can this be done? In fact, Zhang Ailing is mobilizing the emotions in her heart. This emotion comes from his perception of love life.


A person who has experienced the setbacks of love and the ups and downs of life, seeing charcoal rebirth in the fire, can naturally think of human destiny, similar to it, resulting in a feeling that love and life are hard to last forever.

Isn't this just the piece of charcoal in front of you, that is about to face the fate of wax torch turning into ashes and tears beginning to dry?


With this kind of emotion as the support, this text only needs to use the simplest vocabulary to narrate and describe, and still let us feel the thought and meaning that the author wants to convey behind the language. Can you say that such writing is not good?


Mobilize imagination

Take the first paragraph of the first paragraph. Why can a simple loofah flower be written so vividly without any gorgeous and beautiful language.


The reason is that the author fully mobilized his imagination.

The author first imagined the loofah as a group of lively children. The loofah flowers on the haystacks, courtyard walls, and trees are naturally like wild children, supporting, climbing, and climbing.


This is not enough! The author then imagines those blooming loofah flowers as dancers going to perform a large-scale dance performance.

So the author said that as if he heard the noise of gongs and drums, the heavy velvet curtain was slowly opened. Everyones feelings are too spectacular and explosive! You don't think there are many vocabulary, can you still write interesting words?


Can you say that this kind of writing is not good?

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Re: The vocabulary is not very good, how can I improve my writing?

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