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by Lana Braun (09.07.2021)

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Traversal is undoubtedly the first category of online literature, not one of them. In addition to the "Through the xxx" that is all over the world, there are countless variants of the traversal type, such as the rebirth type that is also large and boundless. It is actually a special traversal.


There are many and many similar. But if we put aside those variant crossings that have changed so drastically and pseudo crossings purely for crossing, and just look at the standard crossing mode, we will find that this academized reviews type is actually very simple. 



To write about traversal, whether it is wearing forward and backward, single wear, group wear, double wear and repeated wear, there is only one core point, which is to create the difference between different worlds, so that the protagonist can obtain a special "potential energy" from high to low.


For example, the most conventional way to go from the modern soul to the ancient times is to use the higher-end knowledge, technology, and information of modern society to become the protagonist's advantage in ancient society. And if it is through time and space, all kinds of materials and productivity in modern society can also become the protagonist's high potential energy.


Of course, here can also be reversed output, bringing ancient specialties, such as old mountain ginseng celebrities, calligraphy and painting, etc. to modern times. In fact, here is also a transformation from high to low, except that ancient times have become a more high-end party.


The same is true for the crossing of other worlds, even if some seem to be crossing from the low end to the high end.


For example, from the world of martial arts to the world of Xianxia, ​​it is definitely low martial arts to high martial arts, but under normal circumstances, the protagonist must use his unique martial arts to have an advantage over others in practice and combat. In this respect, the world of martial arts is actually On the contrary, it is more high-end and more advanced.


All in all, whether it is tangible materials or intangible technology, two or more worlds of different strengths are designed, from high to low YY, this is traversal. This process may be obvious or hidden, but it always exists, and it should generally be the core of the book.


If it doesn’t conform to this rule, for example, when the people of the earth travel to another world, they will find that the people of the other world are not only more talented than him, but also more advanced in technology and richer in products. Some people on the  have and are better... In this case, there are only two possibilities.


Either this is pure abuse, or the core of the work is another golden finger. As for the latter, although there is also a traversal in the book, it is not actually a traversal text anymore.


With regard to crossing, let's talk about so much first. The next issue will continue.



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