4 Easy Steps To Write A Problem-Solution Essay

by Sylar Lucas (16.07.2021)

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The central motif of a problem-solution essay is to describe a problem and then propose a solution to the readers. It is a kind of a persuasive essay. It is often considered as a type of argument. Where the writer, History case study examples using argumentation, tries to convince the readers to take a particular action. 


Students are often given a Problem-Solution essay to write in their assignments. These essays are in some ways similar to cause and effect essays, especially in terms of structure. It has four main components:







A good problem-solution essay will provide a solution that can be implemented easily and will, of course, solve the problem. To succeed in this task, avoid distractions and stick to a specific problem with specific, actionable steps. The steps are as follows:

Build An Engaging Introduction Around The Problem

In the introductory paragraph, you will state the thesis statement. But the readers need additional context before you get to your thesis. The thesis statement usually proposes the solution. Because readers must first understand the problem, the Dissertation Methodology Help statement usually comes after describing the problem. It does not have to give details about the answer. Instead, it summarizes the solution. It should also lead naturally to the essay’s body, preparing your reader to discuss how your solution would work. 

Make The Reader Care About The Crisis

Here you need to show your writing skill to prove your creativity. So, don’t just give a blunt description of the problem; present it from the reader’s (here, your professors) perspective. Introduce the crisis in such a way that will make the readers interested to know about the solution as well. You can probably ask questions like why does this problem matter? Why should they care about it? You can provide shocking statistics to lure the readers into taking an interest in your essay.Company law case study help add some personal narrative to make it more relatable to readers.

Provide A Solution

Now is the time to dive into the solution part. The main chunk of the body centres on the solution to the problem. From the very beginning, be clear in your head about the answer. Explain your solution in simple terms that anyone could understand and execute. Offer as many details as possible about how this will solve the problem without getting unnecessarily wordy. Don’t be vague about the solutions that will immediately remove the reader’s trust from your essay. You can cite proven evidence to increase the credibility of your writing. Offer examples where similar solutions have worked before. Provide expert opinion, statistics, and studies. If you’re proposing a new solution that hasn’t been explored before, rely heavily on a logical argument. assignment help Sydney Explain why you think your solution will be effective.


In conclusion, try Essay writer to imagine a vivid picture of what the world would look like after your practical solution has been implemented. Then, give a considerate solution accordingly.




Follow these steps to compose an effective problem-solution essay.

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