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by Kurean Dealen (10.09.2021)

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FIFA 22 is getting closer and closer, there's no surprise that Messi and Ronaldo occupy the top 2 slots in the new game, with the two men also occupying the top two slots in FIFA 21 with ratings of 93 and 92 respectively. It will be interesting to see how both men perform in their new leagues this season, with Messi venturing away from Barcelona for the first time in his career and Ronaldo making his long-awaited return to the Premier League with Manchester United. If you want to get these cards, you should prepare some FIFA 22 Coins first.
Over the past few years, Messi and Ronaldo have always been the favorite players in FIFA 22. Because of their outstanding performance in the real world, they have high ratings and attributes in the game and can become the core of the team. Now, you also have the opportunity to build a strong team around star players. You only need to go to UTnice and spend some money to Buy FUT 22 Coins, and then you can directly buy any card you need in the transfer market without having to open a card package to try your luck.

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