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Debate Essay
So, you have been assigned to write a debate essay. The debate essay is not just a cleaned up version of your debate speech. Writing a debate essay is about producing a philosophical paper. The thesis of your debate essay should be either a resolution or its negation. Debate essay should include the elements of the argumentative persuasive paper writing. Just as with argumentative paper writing, you should present a self-contained argument for related to the thesis statement. You do not need to present more than one argument. Debate essay outline will help you to organize your debate essay, so don't even doubt to create it. A good debate essay will confront the strongest opposing viewpoints to thesis and arguments. Objections challenge the argument you have offered, while counter-arguments challenge the thesis directly. After clear stating an objection or counter-argument, you should demonstrate the flaw of this argument by constructing another, stronger argument. Do not just focus on your own arguments. Your critical paper should present other plausible opposing viewpoints. In other way, your debate essay will be consider as a poor philosophical essay.

Argumentative persuasive essay writing
While writing a debate essay persuade the reader that your argument is true. Prove that your claim is the best and defend yourself against opposing ideas. Persuade that something is right or wrong, moral or immoral, valuable or worthless. Appeal to the beliefs, morality and values of your readers. Persuade that there is a issue and get the audience to agree with your solution. Motivate them to act or change attitudes or beliefs. Appeal to human needs, reason and emotion.

The second objective of persuasive essay writing is to find persuasion topics that interest you and correspond to your audience's needs and interests. If you don't know which debate essay topic is more appropriate for you and for your audience, you should analyze who will be your listeners. Argumentative persuasive topics may be the following: abortion, animal experimentation, civil rights, death penalty, genetic engineering, immigration, organ donation, terrorism, women's rights, etc.

Argumentation is an integral part of the debate essay. You should present a personal opinion, judgment or idea about a controversial topic, problem, value or dispute in a way that the opinion of the audience will be changed in favor your side. Argumentative paper ideas are controversial and refer to current political, social, business, religious issues, disputes, policies and values.

Custom written debate essay
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