How to avoid burnout in learning - recommendations by a psychologist

by Carmen Falkon (11.02.2022)

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Often students wonder how to avoid burnout. It is connected with a big workload - passing exams, term and diploma papers, combining education with work, starting an independent life, etc. All this can cause chronic fatigue, psychological problems, and later emotional exhaustion. In order that you can avoid negative consequences, in this article, we will share the most effective methods that can help you to get rid of burnout. Besides, after reading the article to the end you will find recommendations of psychologists and HR specialists of essay writing service on how to avoid problems at work and at university.

What is burnout?

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what burnout is. Some people are sure that it is the same as fatigue or bad moods, but it is not so. It is much more serious - emotional burnout syndrome is considered a disease.

This syndrome comes in three stages:

  • Tension. In the beginning, the person feels pressure, constantly feeling tired and broken
  • Resistance. The body tries to resist the surrounding stimuli, all resources are directed only to cope with everyday matters, to perform priority tasks. During this period, a person may react inadequately, lose empathy, vent his anger on people close to him, and may withdraw into himself
  • Exhaustion. In the final stage, the person can be compared to a zombie; everything he does is executed at the level of automatism. Nothing is able to bring joy or evoke strong emotions

So, what is burnout syndrome - a syndrome that appears as a result of a long stay in a state of stress and chronic fatigue. According to some data, it is associated with stress in professional activity, but according to some scientists' source, it can manifest itself due to problems in different spheres of life, not only in the career sphere.

How to avoid burnout - recommendations by a psychologist

Psychologists are often approached with the question of how to avoid burnout. To go to a specialist is the most effective and correct approach. However, students often do not have such an opportunity due to a lack of money and time. When you have to constantly come up with ways to keep up with everything and not get tired, it is difficult to allocate hours to regularly visit a therapist. Therefore, we have prepared for you a selection of the most frequent recommendations:

  1. Need to make time for quality time off, even despite deadlines.
  2. Reducing the time spent on social media is good for the psyche.
  3. Get rid of the cult of productivity. Don't try to occupy every minute of your time with useful things.
  4. Turn off work and study chats on weekends.
  5. Take up a hobby or something that helps you recover your resources.
  6. Start an emotion diary, observe your recovery, look for emotional triggers.
  7. Change your habits. Get rid of unhealthy ones and form new, more useful ones.

So, we have considered the most popular recommendations of leading psychologists, on how to avoid burnout. Thanks to them, you will be able to help yourself in the acute period

Preventing burnout at school

Many students do not know how to avoid burnout. Often because of this they simply drop out and give up the idea of getting a higher education. When all they had to do was take a few steps.

University students are at risk because they are often not taken seriously at work or study because they have not yet received a degree as such. In addition, being a student is a time when one goes through a lot of rethinking of life aspects. Young people take on a lot of responsibility, they start a real adult life. Finding a job, relationships, moving away from parents, getting an education - all together these factors can greatly affect a person's emotional state.

Solving the problem of how to avoid burnout at school is actually not difficult. It is necessary to follow a few rules. Firstly, carefully plan your time and make a schedule. Secondly, delegate tasks and approach academic tasks rationally. Instead of thinking for a long time about how to prepare for the session, just divide the tickets among your classmates, ask someone to do a project for money, etc. And thirdly, it is important to solve all problems in time. For example, if there is a deadline for your term or diploma thesis, find services that will help you with this in advance.

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