What Are the Rules to Follow When Creating a Presentation?

by Andreas Eisenhauer (12.02.2022)

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Each author has his own secrets and "tricks". But there are universal rules, adhering to which you definitely can’t go wrong. Among them:

  • Quantity limit - 15 slides +\- a few pieces. Excess erases the meaning and turns the presentation into a mere formality. Too few numbers may not cover the required amount of information.
  • The first and last slide is best duplicated. We have already written about this above, but we will repeat for accuracy. First, it is necessary to introduce yourself to https://paperwriter.pro/ and give the initial information. And the last one is to enable the audience to correctly address the author with questions and wishes.
  • It is recommended to thank for viewing a separate slide, but if this moment is missed in the slides, it's okay.
  • Images and other materials in such a submission should be reflected on a discreet, light background, against which dark type is clearly visible. Its size is 28, and 36 is used for headings.
  • The text on the slides must be absolutely literate. Mistakes and even typos lubricate the impression of what he saw. Do not allow situations on defense to hurt your ears and eyes.


Another important tip is to ensure absolute coordination of speech and slides, their timely turning over. It is important that what is seen and heard coincides and forms a single puzzle in the head of the listeners. Remember that a presentation is a legitimate cheat sheet. It can be a help to the author if the speech is confused or overwhelmed by excitement. That is, make slides that are useful and understandable first of all to yourself.


How to avoid presentation mistakes?


First, use the options and features of Power Point. This tool will make your work much easier and faster. Secondly, approach the issue with https://paperwriter.pro/college-essay-writing-services/ but individually. Don't plagiarize and don't try to use application elements from other works, even if they were super successful.


And, thirdly, do not be lazy to double-check the result several times. As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once. Remember, mistakes are easier to prevent than to fix. To do this, we have prepared a list of the most common mistakes in presentations:

  • too much water, fuzzy information;
  • long headlines, complex verbal constructions, abstruse formulations;
  • meaningless accompanying effects, for example, an inappropriate table background from the series “the sun is shining, the birds are singing”;
  • strange color scheme and design. A diploma is a scientific work, and the style, accordingly, must be businesslike. No emoji, gouge shades, ambiguous symbols, etc.;
  • too many thoughts in one slide and too many elements.


A simple slide with a minimum of useful information is considered ideal. Keep it simple. A presentation can be a challenge, especially if you're running out of preparation time. It is necessary to make it interesting, competent, useful and “to the point”. Don't want or can't complete the task? There is always an alternative. The company https://paperwriter.pro/do-my-homework/ will perform to order theses on any topic on a turnkey basis and all accompanying materials for defense. Grateful reviews of our already regular customers allow us to boldly say - we guarantee the desired result!

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