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by billy roberts (15.04.2022)

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If you want to write a good nature essay, you need to focus on the natural resources. Pick specific arguments for your topic, such as why it is important to protect certain areas. Try to convey the write my essay nature causes you, both positive and negative. Try to present contradictory feelings, too. For instance, you can express how you feel about an activity, but are angry at the same time. This will make your essay seem more convincing and interesting.

William Blake

The first part of William Blake's nature essay describes the world of the innocent. The poem depicts the world of the innocent's sense of compassion, peace, and love. Blake rejects the idea that the world is inherently evil and entails a lack of meaning or purpose. He argues that the innocent lacks the power of imagination and an awareness of individuality. Its world view, thus, is limited by what he has been taught by the culture.

Gilbert White

Gilbert White's nature essay is an extended exposition of sublime phenomena. White's narrative voice alternates between objective temperature and barometrical readings and the subjective impact of a rare event. White's writing carries a sense of humility that a more histrionic style would risk. White is an excellent example of an independent thinker pursuing a higher purpose. But this is not to say that the work is without ambiguity.

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