by Joben hearts (05.01.2023)

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Great production flexibility. Extrusion molding is very adaptable. On the same machinery, it is possible to make goods of various types, sizes, forms, and specifications by simply switching out the molds. Go now for more exploration, Additionally, changing molds is a quick, easy, labor-intensive, and efficient process.  The process is simple and requires little equipment. Extrusion molding has the advantages of a quick technological process, fewer pieces of equipment, and lower investment as compared to other methods of producing pipes and profiles, such as perforated rolling and groove rolling. Aluminum Extrusion Molding Drawbacks inconsistent tissue performance of the goods. The surface layer, center, head, and tail of the extrusion products are not uniform because the flow of metal is not uniform during extrusion (particularly serious when there is no lubricating forward extrusion).

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