Transactional Analysis in Russia

Peer-review electronic journal


  • Ilya A. Fedotov, MD, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Docent


  • International Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis (WEB:


Transactional Analysis in Russia is the first Russian-language electronic journal, which is entirely devoted to Transactional Analysis (TA). Our journal publishes articles, reviews, announcements, interviews and a variety of other useful and interesting information. The main purpose of the journal is to promote TA research to expand the pool of evidence-based approaches to therapy, and to create an information platform to share views in the professional community.

Types of accepted articles

  • Scientific part
  • Original research in the TA field
  • Meta-analysis and literature reviews
  • Translation of the most important research and practice-oriented articles in TA and related fields
  • A developmental publicist section
  • Page of associations and Russian-speaking delegates (free of charge)
  • Announcements of events and books
  • Observations and essays from students
  • Reflections on events from readers in the TA community.
  • Announcements of events and books
  • Supervisory sessions in the pages of the journal


Subscription and Access

  • The journal will be published 3 times a year
  • The journal will be published electronically
  • The journal will have a paid subscription for readers and complimentary terms for authors

Publication, distribution and indexation

  • Russian and English full-text articles;
  • journal is publishing 3 times per year;
  • no APC, Hybrid Access


  • CrossRef
  • Google Scholar
  • WorldCat


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