Vol 3, No 1 (2023)

From editorial board

Spring, renewal and... the identity stage

Kochetkova-Korelova O.V.


Introductory speech from the editor-in-chief of the magazine ”Transactional Analysis in Russia”. The article also provides an overview of the filling of number 4.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):3-4
pages 3-4 views

Scientific point of view

Changes in the Diagnosis of Personality Disorders: ICD-11 and Conception of Paul Ware

Fedotov I.A.


The article describes changes in the field of diagnosis of personality disorders, the features of diagnosis according to ICD-11 and the connections between ICD-11 and the theory of personal adaptations of Paul Ware.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):5-11
pages 5-11 views

Looking at the Impasse Theory Through the Lens of Immigration

Zlenko O.M.


This article examines the phenomenon of immigration in the context of psychology in general and from the perspective of Transactional Analysis in particular, using the theory of impasses. The purpose of this article is to examine the impact of the immigration experience on the human psyche and the ways in which it can «activate» the impasse state.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):12-17
pages 12-17 views

Fairy Tales, Roles and Script

Fedyna N.V.


The article analyzes the possibilities of using fairy tales, myths, legends in working with the life script. The possibilities of such work are presented on the example of using methodology «Life scripts in fairy-tale roles», developed by the author. It is a method of working with clients. The fairy tale as a tool of psychological work gives us the opportunity to explore elements of client’s life script in a gentle way and reduce client’s resistance. This method allows us to structure our work with life scripts through acquaintance with a fairy-tale character and reveals the key script elements for both the psychologist and the client.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):18-22
pages 18-22 views

Bereavement: Stages and the Dual Model of Grieving

Mkhitaryan A.O.


The article provides a brief historical overview of grief studies, a definition of this concept and a description of the complexities of the work associated with it, the criteria for diagnosing grief, myths and reality of this psychological phenomenon. The article also includes a description of the modern protocol of working with grief and the author’s ideas on how the dual model of grief corresponds to the TA structural model.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):23-28
pages 23-28 views

The Use of Metaphorical Maps in the Practice of Psychological Counseling within the Framework of the Transactional-Analytical Approach

Gilek Y.N.


This article presents the author’s methodology of working with metaphorical associative cards within the framework of the transactional-analytical approach in psychological counseling. A qualitative study was conducted, i.e. Phenomena (states, thoughts, feelings and sensations of the subject) were highlighted, as well as their dynamics on the way to the solution of the request in the practice of counceling with the MAK. The study is based on the principles of Transactional Analysis of personality ego-states. The text uses the concept of «internal dialogue», which problematizes the way out of conflicts and through the impasses while moving towards the solving the request.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):29-39
pages 29-39 views

Eating Disorders as a Strategy for Coping with Stress

Gabsatarova L.V.


This article presents a report by Dina Kononova at the SOTA scientific and practical online conference «Stability and integrity of identity as a resource for preserving relationships in a changing world» on the topic «Eating disorders as a strategy for overcoming stress». The psychotherapist generously shares her experience of working with clients with eating disorders, and describes adaptive and non-adaptive coping strategies, as well as the distinctive features and characteristics of such clients. In conclusion, Dina Kononova gives recommendations on how to work with the client’s life script, and make a plan that would help to overcome destructive ways of coping with stress and transform the client’s eating behavior.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):40-43
pages 40-43 views

On the Way from Patient to Client: the Possibilities of Combining Transactional Analysis and DBT in the Treatment of Complex Cases

Arif E.M.


Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, PTSTA(P) Tatiana Agibalova, speaking at conferences organized by the St. Petersburg Transactional Analysis Organization (SOTA) in March and November 2022, expressed the thesis: “You may not want to work with dependent people, but they will come to you anyway”. In this text, prepared based on their speech, first Tatiana, and then her colleague, psychotherapist Alexander Panarin, talk about the specifics of such situations and how to work with them. Tatiana and Alexander, being narcologists, simultaneously operate with the categories “patient” and “client”, thereby indicating the path that people go through when addressing them. Psychologists generously share their professional experience, focusing on the features of this path.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):44-46
pages 44-46 views

"I'm OK, You're OK"

TA Discussion: Pros and Cons of the Theory of Personality Adaptations

Mkhitaryan A.O.


A part of the discussion of Shustov D.I. and Mark Widdowson about pros and cons of adaptations theory in TA.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):47-53
pages 47-53 views

Notes from Рodcast with Richard Erskine

Mkhitaryan A.O.


Notes from podcast with Richard Erskine.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):54-59
pages 54-59 views

Work Experience in Providing Psychological Assistance to Medical Facility Staff During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Borodkina A.Y.


The text of the report presented at the Conference of the Professional Medical Association of Psychotherapists, Psychologists and Social Workers by Anastasia Borodkina, in which she talks about her experience of psychological support for medical workers who had undergone Covid-19.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):60-64
pages 60-64 views

Individual Client Profile: Structuring the Clinical, Social and TA ”Diagnosis” and State Dynamics

Klepach Е.A.


The article presents the author’s view on the questions: how to keep records of basic information about the client so that you can quickly and briefly comment on each case? Is it possible to fit all the main transactional analytical models on one sheet? This article presents the results of a theoretical correlation of transactional analytical models and concepts in the form of a client profile for specialists in the Transactional Analysis modality. Comments on filling out the form are provided as a quick diagnostic of the client. The proposed form of maintenance will help specialists to structure the main data and knowledge about the client.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):65-71
pages 65-71 views

Transactional Analysis in a Business Organization

Leonova S.N.


In this essay, the author talks about how Transactional Analysis can be applied in a business organization processes, and shares her experience of using Transactional Analysis in working with employees and interacting with customers.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):72-75
pages 72-75 views

Universal Principles of Reconciliation (The essay was written in 2014 and is published here in abridged form)

Sokovnina M.S.


The article presents the subjective view of the psychologist on the ethical aspect in relation to the professional community to the historical and current context, the correlation of this context to the basic principles of the philosophy of TA. The author writes about the need to recognize the value of life as the main phenomenon of the modern world, both on a personal and social level. The author also suggests 12 principles that can form the basis for healing relationships not only in couples and groups, but also in large communities and states.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):76-79
pages 76-79 views

History of Transactional Analysis

”This Night turned My Ideas About My Profession and Life Upside down”. The Origins of Transactional Analysis in the Soviet Union

Makarov V.V.


The article tells about how the first books on Transactional Analysis appeared in the USSR, what seminars and master classes were held. The author also tells what role the scientific, student and dissident community of Akademgorodok near Novosibirsk and the author himself, who lived there at that time, played in this.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):80-85
pages 80-85 views

Navigator in the World of TA

Petr Landyshev:”Join the list of hours of supervisions with dates”

Barsukova S.A.


An interview with Pyotr Landyshev about his personal experience of obtaining the status of ”Advanced Practitioner of TA” in the SOTA.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):86-88
pages 86-88 views

How Did I Choose Transactional Analysis and Find My Trainer?

Barsukova S.A., Kochetkova-Korelova O.V.


In this article graduates of the group 202 of Transactional Analysis talk about their experience of training. Why did they prefer Transactional Analysis? ow did the training go? What can they recommend to those who are just starting their journey?

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):89-95
pages 89-95 views

Vacation of Transactional Analysts: How Psychologists Relax and Negotiate with Clients

Titaeva A.V.


In this article the topic «how to rest psychologists working in the modality Transactional Analysis is revealed. Twelve specialists participated in the review. An overview about periodicity of vacations, difficulties with clients, budget planning and «life hacks» is presented.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):96-99
pages 96-99 views

SOTA. News. Volume 3, No. 1, 2023.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):100-100
pages 100-100 views

Book Reviews

”Less of Wars and More Organic Ecstasy!”

Kozarenko N.G.


Natalya Kozarenko’s review of the book “All You Ever Wanted to Know About Extraordinary Sex” by Petruska Clarkson.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):101-102
pages 101-102 views

«Petruska Says That in General, Men Suffer from a Lack of Love, and Women Suffer from a Lack of Orgasms»

Melnikova C.D.


Kristina Melnikova’s review of the book “All You Ever Wanted to Know About Extraordinary Sex” by Petruska Clarkson.

Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):103-104
pages 103-104 views

Write about science and not only



Transactional Analysis in Russia. 2023;3(1):105-105
pages 105-105 views

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