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Vol 18, No 1 (2022)

New materials and technology

Spin instability of technological combustion mode in a wave of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis
Grigoryevskaya A.A., Gulyaev P.Y.

The results of a computer experiment to determine the invariant properties of the Trace transform of a two-dimensional chronogram of wave propagation in the spin combustion mode of the Ni-Al system are presented. The chronogram model was chosen in the form of four sets of isocline lines, the angle of inclination of which corresponded to the value of the tangential velocity from 16.5 to 41.8 m/s. A high degree of shift invariance of the Trace-transformation nodes was found, the error in determining the coordinates of which is limited only by the presence of the initial additive geometric noise in the image of the differential chronogram of the combustion wave. Scale invariance properties in practice provide a dynamic magnification range of 40 dB.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):9-20
pages 9-20 views
Deformations of biological tissues with photothermal nanoparticles under laser irradiation
Kasyanenko E.M., Omelchenko A.I.

In this work, optical coherence tomography (OCT) of gel phantoms and cartilage tissue of the joint impregnated with nanoparticles was performed under laser exposure to an erbium fiber laser with a wavelength of 1.56 μm. Multifunctional "magnetite + gold" nanoparticles with a "core-shell" structure were obtained by pulsed laser ablation of metals in a liquid, and oxide bronzes KxTiO2 and NaxTiO2 are formed in the processes of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and mechanical activation. An improvement in the efficiency of the diagnostic method by introducing antireflection additives and absorbing nanoparticles due to a decrease in the irradiation intensity and an increase in the photothermal effect is shown. OCT elastography data indicate the dependence of tissue deformation on the preliminary history of tissue exposure.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):21-31
pages 21-31 views
Optimization of modification of silumin alloy with Al-Ti-B ligature obtained from dispersed wastes of mechanical engineering by electroslag casting
Safronov N.N., Kharisov L.R., Fazlyev M.R.

In this research the process of modifying the AK7 alloy with an experimental master alloy based on the Al-Ti-B system, made from machine-building chip waste, using a combination of powder metallurgy and electroslag casting processes, was studied and optimized. The adequate linear model was obtained on the basis of the study, carried out according to the plan of a full factorial experiment, in which the controlled factors were: the mass ratio of titanium- and boron-containing materials in the charge composition. The role of the solvent in the charge composition was played by the chip waste of the AK7 cast alloy.The response of the cybernetic system was the size of the cast grain of the modified AK7 alloy. The grain-grinding effect of controlled factors has been established. The minimum possible size of the cast grain of the modified AK7 alloy is established with a 95% probability at the level of 250 microns.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):32-41
pages 32-41 views
Structural-phase inhomogeneity of aluminum films in multilayer systems
Snitovsky Y.P.

The work is devoted to the study of the influence of the sequence of metal layers in two-layer films (Al – 0.5% Ni)/Mo and composition SiO2/Si (111) on the phase composition and structural perfection of Al – 0.5% Ni films. The samples used in the experiment were two-layer metal films (Al – 0.5% Ni)/Mo and Mo/(Al – 0.5% Ni), which were deposited on monosilicon substrates of orientation (111) and composition SiO2/Si (111). The influence of the arrangement of metal layers on the phase composition, crystallographic orientation of aluminum grains and their distribution over the thickness of Al – 0.5% Ni films has been studied. It is shown that the annealing of the Al/Mo/Al system in an oxygen atmosphere significantly affects the density of oxides on the surface of the aluminum film, which is facilitated by the high affinity of aluminum for oxygen and the polymorphism of its compounds with oxygen in a wide temperature range.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):42-56
pages 42-56 views


Development of a recursive model for the calculation of transient processes in electric networks using the wavelet transformation
Dolgikh N.N., Dyuba E.A., Osipov D.S.

The digital transformation of the electric power industry is one of the priority tasks for the development of the industry. Wavelet transform is widely used in the electric power industry to analyze the dynamics of complex non-linear non-stationary processes. The article proposes a method for calculating transient processes in electrical networks based on a recursive algorithm. The approximating and detailing wavelet coefficients of the discrete wavelet transform are used as the voltage signal. To select the optimal wavelet function, it is proposed to use a criterion that takes into account the accuracy of the signal recovery as a result of the inverse wavelet transform. The nature of the change in the calculation result with an increase in the number of iterations is shown. The results of a numerical experiment for a 110 kV network when calculating a three-phase short circuit showed an acceptable accuracy of the developed technique. The proposed technique makes it possible to compress the volume of transmitted digital data on normal and emergency modes of electrical networks.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):59-66
pages 59-66 views
Development of a method for analysis and forecast of the quality of electric power microgrid in the Far North
Kovalev V.Z., Shcherbakov A.G., Khamitov R.N.

The article is devoted to the construction of an algorithm for predicting and evaluating the quality of MicroGrid electric power in the Far North. A fragment of the daily schedule of the electrical load of a small settlement in the Far North is given. The system features of electrical energy conversion in isolated power supply systems are shown. A structural model of the MicroGrid power supply system of the Far North has been built. A computational experiment was carried out to assess the quality of electrical energy MicroGrid in the Far North. The potential area for the output of electric energy quality indicators beyond the permissible limits according to GOST 32144 – 2013 is determined.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):67-78
pages 67-78 views

Information technology and mathematical modeling

Study of consistency of changes in heliocosmic and climatic variables under global warming based on wavelet phase analysis
Alekseev V.I.

The relevance of the research is due to the need to establish the true causes and regularities of temperature changes in countries and continents and climate on Earth.

Objective: to establish the regularities and causes of changes in heliocosmic and climatic variables under conditions of global warming.

Objects: time series of heliocosmic, global and regional climatic variables, magnetic fields of the Sun and the Earth.

Methods: the wavelet phase method of interaction of a variable with groups of heliocosmic and climatic factors, magnetic fields of the Sun and the Earth in frequency and time domains, the comparative analysis developed by the author.

Results: 1. In the wavelet phase-frequency domain on the strength of the influence of solar energy, heliocosmic variables, changing barycentric movements of the Sun, gravitational forces, temperature changes in countries and continents, parts of the world, are divided into several classes, significantly, positively and negatively coordinated with changes of barycentric movements of the Sun, heliocosmic variables; distribution of classes of temperature changes on continents significantly coordinated with the distribution of the anomalous magnetic field of Earth with poles 2. At the same time there is a high consistency of changes in geographical and magnetic poles of the Earth, changes in global temperature, temperature in the zone 60-85 N, in the northern hemisphere, in the Arctic with changes in the magnetic fields of the Sun and Earth, solar wind, consistent with changes in the barycentric movements of the Sun, heliocosmic variables; there is a relatively low influence of the solar magnetic field changes on temperature change in the southern hemisphere. 3. On graphs of changes of phase-time characteristics of temperature variables in modernity in countries and continents, temperatures in Arctic zones of Northern hemisphere, precipitation in areas of Arctic seas, anomalies of annual sums of direct solar radiation, solar lights on territory of Russia, heliacosmic and climatic factors determining climate on Earth, received in different time intervals, differently, chaotically changing phase structures are displayed, changing according to changes of baricenter motion.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):79-100
pages 79-100 views
On some classes of stationary inverse problems of determining the heat transfer coefficient for mathematical models of heat and mass transfer
Pyatkov S.G., Belonogov V.A.

In the article we consider well-posedness in Sobolev spaces of stationary inverse problems of recovering the heat transfer coefficient at the interface which is included in the transmission condition of the imperfect contact type. The existence and uniqueness theorem are exhibited. The method is constructive and the approach allows to develop numerical methods for solving the problem. The proof relies on a priori estimates obtained and the fixed-point theorem.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):101-117
pages 101-117 views
An approach to the assessment of carbon reservesin KHMAO-Yugra using carbon maps
Bredihin A.I.

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra has a large area of forest territories. And forest vegetation, like any vegetation, naturally dies sooner or later, as a result of which carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere from organic matter. This fact leads to an increase in the greenhouse effect and an increase in global warming.

In order to prevent an increase in global temperature, it is necessary to estimate the carbon stock in the form of the amount of plant biomass, since more than 90% of the territory of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra (KhMAO-Yugra) is covered with forests.

One of the ways to assess plant biomass is to create so-called carbon maps using remote sensing of the Earth (remote sensing) and machine learning methods.

This paper provides an overview of existing solutions in the field of remote sensing and machine learning aimed at creating carbon maps. Based on this review, a research program has been proposed that will allow us to develop an approach that allows us to obtain a digital carbon map of the KhMAO with a given accuracy.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):118-133
pages 118-133 views
Visual duplicates search of fracture zones of seismic databasesbased on the method of solving the ICP variational problemin closed form and inverted index
Vokhmintsev A.V., Botov D.S., Petrichenko Y.V.

In this paper fast methods are proposed for search the fracture zones in seismic databases on two types of data: seismic section (two-dimensional data) and seismic cube (three-dimensional data). These methods are an integral part of the mapping technology for filtering channels and large volumes of seismic data and useful for automating interpretation of heterogeneous seismic data. The proposed methods for searching the similarity of fracture zones were investigated using the Open Seismic Repository reference dataset, which contains information about geological rocks in the area of the North Sea and compared with other known methods for solving this problem, the results were discussed in the article.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):134-144
pages 134-144 views


Implementation of the approaches of the "Lean region" in the development of the system for assessing the quality of education of the Khanty-Mansi autonomous okrug – Ugra
Grosheva T.A., Diveeva G.V.

Introduction. Leather-made technologies are becoming increasingly distributed not only in the production sector of Russian enterprises, but also in the system of state and municipal management, proving their effectiveness and effectiveness. The article is attempted to summarize the idea of ​​the implementation of leaning production in the regional management system and the rationale for the integrated system of "leaning" management on the example of an education quality assessment system of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug – Ugra.

The purpose: is to analyze the implementation of the concept of a "lean region" in the quality management system of education of the of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug – Ugra.

Methods: The article uses such general scientific research methods as a generalization, analysis and synthesis, concretization.

The results are determined by the main directions for the implementation of the concept of "leaning region" in the system of government quality management of the provision of services of the social sphere. The regional methodology for a comprehensive assessment of the quality of educational results of students of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous okrug – Ugra is analyzed from the position of the implementation of the proceeding principles identified at theoretical stage.

The conclusions by the author substantiates the need for a comprehensive approach to the implementation of leaning technologies into the system of social services quality management, including such components such as an increase in the rate of information processing, eliminating a number of "typical" losses, management on the principles of "continuous improvement systems", as well as the development of "foresight systems”.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):147-154
pages 147-154 views
Comparative analysis of the implementation of the programs of sustainable development of the SIPN in the Northernand Arctic regions of Russia and the world
Mikhailyuk O.N., Burundukova E.M.

In the last decade, in connection with the industrial development of the northern and Arctic territories, the question arises of preserving the original unique culture of the indigenous peoples of the North (Indigenous Peoples of the North), leading a tribal and semi-tribal way of life. Topical in the light of the increased importance of the Arctic territories of the northern countries today are the issues of protecting the social rights of the indigenous peoples, including the preservation of traditional nature management and the life of ethno-cultural communities. Since the late 1980s to date, important international legal acts have been adopted regarding peoples leading a tribal and nomadic lifestyle: International Convention No. 169 of the International Labor Organization (1989); Kari-Oka Declaration and Charter of the World's Aboriginal Peoples (1992); UN Convention on Biological Diversity (1993); United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007). These legal acts significantly increased the rating of the indigenous peoples of the North, raising the problem of their preservation to the level of global importance, and necessitated the development of a support policy. Let us consider the experience of supporting indigenous peoples on the example of countries where the proportion of such a population occupies a significant share (Canada and Norway), as well as the experience of the northern territories of Russia.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):155-165
pages 155-165 views


On the question of the circumstances that reduce and increase the social harmfulness of a malicious violation of the regime of serving a sentence and the personality of the convicted person
Golovastova Y.A., Gordopolov A.N.

The subject of the study is the circumstances that must be taken into account when bringing to legal responsibility convicts who have committed a malicious violation of the established procedure for serving a sentence of imprisonment. The purpose of the study is to improve the penal enforcement legislation through the normative consolidation in the Penal Code of the Russian Federation of mitigating and aggravating circumstances affecting the determination of the measure of special punishment, which will significantly expand and clarify the institution of disciplinary proceedings of persons sentenced to imprisonment. The methodological basis of the study consists of comparative legal, formal legal and statistical methods. In particular, the results of a survey conducted by 469 employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia and 273 convicts who are malicious violators of the established order of serving a sentence are presented, on the basis of which a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances affecting the measure of punishment for convicts is given. The authors substantiate the conclusion that it is necessary to take into account the considered factual conditions characterizing the commission of a malicious offense and the very personality of the convicted person. On the basis of the conducted research, the authors substantiate the expediency of normative consolidation in the current Penal Enforcement Code of the Russian Federation of circumstances mitigating and aggravating the measure of punishment by convicts, in order to increase the effectiveness of the norms of penal enforcement law regulating the issues of bringing convicts to penitentiary responsibility in places of deprivation of liberty.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):169-177
pages 169-177 views
Penalization of genetic crimes
Kozachenko I.Y., Sergeev D.N.

This article contains a comprehensive study of the content of structural and functional nature of criminal sanctions in the theoretical modeling of responsibility for genetic crimes. The authors analyze the factors which underpin the criminal law sanctions for these crimes, as well as their importance for the legislative and law enforcement practice.

The article formulates scientifically grounded definition of criminal sanctions and reveals their logical connection and interdependence focused on the crimes of genetic nature. The article covers the creation of a impact mechanism of criminal sanctions on the qualification of crimes in the genetic engineering industry.

The article provides recommendations for improvement of the criminal sanctions system in this sphere. This position is determined by the fact that one of the most important elements of law policy is penal policy, which defined the general principles, main directions and further perspectives of criminal law protection of the most valuable social relations from criminal invasions. The research was funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant project No. 18-29-14028 “The Project of Criminalizing Actions in Human Genome and Other Organism Research”).

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):178-189
pages 178-189 views
Problemic aspects of criminalization of exceptions on freedom of economic relations in the sphere of public procurement
Korotkiy P.V.

The scientific article is devoted to the norms of the criminal law, providing for liability for encroachments on the freedom of economic relations in the procurement of goods, works and services.

The author analyzes crimes in the field of public procurement for their compliance with the criteria of criminalization. The social and legal conditionality of the establishment of criminal responsibility for the commission of these crimes has been substantiated.

The defects of the legal structure of articles of the criminal law on liability for encroachments on the freedom of economic relations in the field of procurement of goods, works and services are highlighted. Among them: the lack of consistency of legislation on criminal liability for encroachments on the freedom of economic relations in the procurement of goods, works and services; violation of the relationship of the criminal law with the relevant norms of administrative and tort legislation; disadvantages of legal technique.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):189-195
pages 189-195 views
The system of punishments in modern French criminal law
Podroykina I.A.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the criminal legislation of France from the point of view of possible borrowing of experience to improve the domestic system of criminal penalties.

The work is based on the method of system analysis, and along with it also formal-legal, comparative-legal and concrete sociological methods.

Results: The article expresses the position that the process of building a system of criminal penalties in Russia cannot be considered complete, since from the entire list of penalties enshrined in Art. 44 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and numbering 13 types of punishments, only some of them turned out to be in demand in practice, such as a fine, compulsory and corrective labor, deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities, and imprisonment. According to the author, the construction of an effective system of punishments in Russia is impossible without referring to foreign experience, in connection with which he analyzes the French criminal law in terms of determining the system of punishments.

Conclusions: Based on the analysis, the article concludes that a number of positive aspects related to the regulation of the system of punishments under the French Criminal Code can be taken into account by the Russian legislator in the further improvement of the domestic system of criminal penalties.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):197-204
pages 197-204 views
The institute of complicity in light legislative textology
Sitnikova A.I.

The article attempts to consider the institution of complicity from new positions based on the provisions of legislative textual theory. From the standpoint of this approach, when studying the criminal law prescriptions of Chapter 7 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, a two-level structure of the normative text of the institute of complicity was revealed: superficial (constructive) and deep (conceptual) levels. As a conceptual basis for the construction of the criminal law prescriptions of Chapter 7 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the legislator used the theoretical provisions of two concepts: the concept of the accessory nature of complicity and the individual responsibility of the accomplices of the crime. The analysis of the constructive level made it possible to identify elements of the criminal law prescriptions of the institute of complicity, and also made it possible to interpret the normative text in a new way.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):205-211
pages 205-211 views


Reflexive essay about a piece of music as a way to develop the creative potential of students
Gilmanov S.A., Zelenaya A.V.

The subject of the study is the influence of writing a reflexive essay about a listened piece of music on the development of a person's creative potential. The purpose is a theoretical substantiation of the possibility of developing the creative potential of a person when writing reflexive essays and empirical confirmation of the proposed approach based on data from a pilot study conducted at the Children's art school in Khanty-Mansiysk (n=22). The theoretical methods of research were analysis, generalization, systematization. Empirical methods: experiment, testing, qualitative analysis of the texts of the essays of the investigated.

The authors conduct a brief analysis of methods for determining the level of creative potential and justify the possibility of using the survey method. The conditions that must be observed when selecting works and writing essays are described. Arguments are given in favor of the fact that writing an essay is not an interpretation of a musical work, and listening to the work itself is not part of psychotherapeutic methods. The results of the pilot study are presented, which with a certain probability indicate that the writing of the essay had an impact on the development of the creative potential of the person.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):215-225
pages 215-225 views
Resource approach to the professional well-being of teachers in the conditions of the Far North
Zhuravleva Y.A.

The purpose of the research presented in the article was the theoretical analysis of scientific papers devoted to the problem of studying the unfavorable factors of professional activity of teachers in the conditions of the Far North of Russia. It is shown that the combination of unfavorable climatic, geographical and socio-psychological factors have a destructive effect on the well-being of teachers and are often experienced by them as critical situations. The results of a theoretical and empirical study of teachers' experiences of difficult, critical situations allowed us to determine individual psychological characteristics that make up the teacher's personality resource. The idea of teachers' personal resources, including the severity of temperament properties (activity, pace, emotionality, impulsivity – restraint, plasticity – rigidity), the features of the dominant mental state and mood from the position of their favorability or unfavorability, the level of psychological stability of the individual formed the basis of the author's model of prevention. The developed model of psychological and pedagogical prevention can be used by educational psychologists as a theoretical and methodological basis for the development of work programs with teachers in educational organizations of the Far North of Russia.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2022;18(1):226-232
pages 226-232 views

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