Vol 16, No 3 (2020)

Math modeling

Application of the wavelet phase method of signal study to the analysis of asymmetric barycentric motions of the Sun and changes in processes occurring on the Sun, near-earth space and in the interior of the Earth

Alekseev V.I.


A set of studies has been carried out, indicating that solar activity and processes associated with the activity of the Sun: changes in the main magnetic fluxes, areas of polar spots, the number of polar torches at the poles of the Sun; -index of geomagnetic activity and -index of the ratio of plasma pressure to magnetic solar wind (SW), slow and high-speed flows of SW, cosmic ray intensity (CR); average annual values of the interplanetary magnetic field vector and its components; the temperature, density, and flow rate of the SW plasma, the synodic period of the revolution of the Sun as a star, and the radius of the Sun in relative units; the distance of the Earth’s geographic pole from the conventional international origin, the rate of change of the position of the Earth’s north magnetic pole, the main ionospheric parameters; the angle of the Earth's axis of rotation and volcanic eruptions; asymmetric movement of the Sun around the solar system of the solar system (in fractions of the solar radius); the distances from the solar system’s CM to the Sun in km, the distances from the solar system’s CM to the Earth, with high accuracy, are consistent with the movement of the Sun relative to the barycenter. The research is based on the wavelet transformation of the observations listed above variables in various time intervals with the subsequent calculation of their phase-frequency and phase-time characteristics, correlation matrices between characteristics. The studied variables are divided into groups, which include the barycentric movement of the Sun and changes in solar activity. The calculated two correlation matrices of the wavelet characteristics of the group of variables and the graphs of these characteristics in two coordinate systems reflect the consistency of changes in the group.

The studies carried out indicate that the thermonuclear reaction occurring in the interior of the Sun, the external manifestation of which is solar activity, is controlled by the movements of the large planets of the Solar System relative to the Sun.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):7-35
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On some classes of inverse problems with point overdirection for mathematical models of heat and mass transfer

Baranchuk V.A., Pyatkov S.G.


The paper considers the question of the correctness in Sobolev spaces of inverse problems of recovering the function of sources of a special form for mathematical models of convection-diffusion and heat and mass transfer. Unknown time-dependent functions are included in the source function. The values of the solution in a certain set of points of the region lying both inside the region and on its boundary are considered as conditions for redefining. Conditions are given that guarantee the global correctness of the problem in Sobolev classes. The conditions for these tasks are minimal. The results are accurate.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):36-46
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Development of a multi-agent intelligent system for solving problems of classification and ranking of materials on the Internet

Burlutsky V.V., Keramov N.D., Baluev V.A., Izert M.I., Yakimchuk A.V.


The article proposes an architectural solution for intelligent information systems based on a multi-agent approach and microservice architecture. An example of using the described solution in the development of an automated intelligent search system that solves the problem of thematic classification and ranking of various sources of information on the Internet is given. The advantages and disadvantages of the developed architectural solution are described.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):47-52
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Software development for solar hybrid inverter management and monitoring

Godovnikov E.A., Korotkov M.G., Tatyankin V.M.


This article discusses the development of software for the diesel generator limitation controller as part of a hybrid solar power plant system. контроллера ограничения работы дизель-генератора

In the course of the work, a block diagram of the system was proposed, and the controller software was described in detail.

The aim of this work is to reduce the operating time of a fuel generator by limiting its operating time depending on the battery charge level and time of day.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):53-60
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Technology for controlling access to the room via Web-application on the Internet

Godovnikov E.A., Petuhova O.A., Tatyankin V.M., Usmanov R.T., Shitselov A.V., Pronkina T.V.


The article proposes a technology for controlling access through a Web application. In the first part, the implementation of the electromechanical part of the ACS, the key feature of which is the preservation of the last state when the power is turned off and the presence of an anti-panic mode. This feature is obtained by installing a geared motor on the lock cylinder. This solution allows you to abandon the need for certification of the lock, use both electronic control, for example, by means of a telephone or proximity cards, and classical control using a regular standard key, as well as finding the lock in any state for an arbitrarily long time, regardless of the presence of power. In the second part, the implementation of network interaction between the user and the directly controlled object is proposed.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):61-69
pages 61-69 views

Problems of identifying time series intervals when predicting the dynamics of the number of infected Covid-19 by statistical methods using the example of Yugra

Korotkov M.G., Petrov A.A., Kurkina M.V.


The aim of this work is to develop an approach to isolate the data interval for statistical forecasting from the time series of dynamics of new cases of coronavirus infection in the Yugra of the number of COVID-19 infected in the spring-summer of 2020.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):70-74
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Alignment of time series with use of the generalized Legendre's transformation and methods of idempotenty mathematics

Kurkina M.V., Semenov S.P., Slavsky V.V., Samarina O.V., Petuhova O.A., Petrov A.A., Finogenov A.A., Samarin V.A.


Alignment of time series [time-series smoothing] – identification of the main tendency of development (временнóго a trend) by "cleaning" of a time series of the accidental deviations distorting this tendency. At a research of time series of economy (bioinformation science) apply for detection of patterns [1-3].

 In this work it is offered to use for this purpose Legendre's transformation well-known in physics and mathematics. Its direct application to poorly regular objects is difficult therefore in work its idempotent analog is defined previously and on its basis the concept of the TRACK for a time series is defined.

In recent years within the international center "Cuofus Li" the new field of mathe-matics – idempotent or "tropical" mathematics gained intensive development that is reflected in works of the academician V.P. Maslov and his pupils: G.L. Litvinov, A.N. Sobolevsky, etc.

The purpose of this work to be beyond duality of the theory of linear vector spaces, using similar concepts of duality of conformally flat Riemannian geometry and of idempotent algebra.

By analogy with the polar transformation of a conformally flat Riemannian metrics entered in E.D. Rodionov and V.V. Slavsky's works the abstract idempotent analog of transformation of Legendre is under construction. In the MATLAB system the program complex for calculation the TRACK of a time series is created. It is in-vestigated its opportunities for digital processing of time series.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):75-82
pages 75-82 views

Mathematical modeling of natural population emission in the problem of forecasting the regional staff needs

Tatyankin V.M., Shergin S.N.


The article presents the results of a study to determine the employment rates of men and women in the context of educational levels for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the possibility of their further application for modeling the natural dropout of the population in the task of predicting the personnel needs of the region. The error of forecasting the size of the employed population was calculated using the employment rates for the regions of the Russian Federation and levels of education. The key feature of the presented approach is that there is no need to calculate the natural decline of the population. As a research method, mathematical modeling was used, based on the supply and demand model of the labor market in the region. The database for the study was made up of materials from the Federal State Statistics Service based on the results of the population census of the Russian Federation in 2002 and 2010 The time period is due to the availability of reliable data. According to the results of the study, from 82 regions in 75 regions, the average accumulated error in terms of education levels over 8 years in determining the number of employed does not exceed 10%.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):83-90
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Criminal law policy in the field of combating crime

Current state of criminal legislation on liability for crimes committed exclusively by women

Kudaeva L.A.


The article attempts to analyze the state of modern criminal legislation on responsibility for crimes committed exclusively by women. The article examines the problems of privilege of the composition contained in Article 106 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The author's conclusions are confirmed by the results of a social survey conducted among 400 female respondents.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):93-104
pages 93-104 views

Medical criterion for special rigidity

Menshikova A.G.


Based on the doctrine of criminal law and law enforcement practice, the article analyzes the concept of «suffering» as a key characteristic of the particular cruelty manifested in the commission of a crime. It is determined that pain is the main characteristic of suffering, and individual indicators of pain characterize particular suffering as a result of particular cruelty. In conclusion, the author concludes that the medical criterion of particular cruelty should be determined by establishing and clearly fixing the fact of causing pain to the victim, which can be measured and established from the standpoint of the current state and level of development of medicine. Signs of pain constitutively necessary and legally significant for establishing the desired criterion are its intensity and (or) duration, the question of determining which seems logical to relate to the competence of medical science.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):105-115
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Once again to the issue of the protection of genetic information

Radosteva J.V.


The sphere of genetic research and genetic materials is one of the most effective public security issues. Goal – prove that genetic information and genetic databases should be considered as special bodies of criminal law protection, requiring special legal norms for their treatment. Tasks: сonsider the meaningful difference between genetic information and genetic data; to determine the directions of the development of the mechanism of criminal law protection of genetic information. Results: There is terminological difference between the definitions "genetic information" and "genetic data". Taking into account the special nature of this information, it is obvious at the legislative level of the regime with it. The approach to the processing of this type of information about a limited range of circumstances in which actions with genetic data are permissible should also be changed.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2020;16(3):116-121
pages 116-121 views

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