Vol 11, No 1 (2015)


Ethnic identity formation in the process of education

Aivarova N.G.


The aim of the article is to pose a problem of a unified educational system under conditions of the policultural Russian reality and to show the conformity to psychological mechanism of personal ethnic identity formation as well as its influence on the personality development in general, which is of interest to the teachers in connection with the transition to the Federal State Educational Standard.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):9-16
pages 9-16 views

Research of problems of innovative pedagogical activity in the system of modern vocational education

Aksarina Y.S.


This article is devoted to the problem of the innovation process, innovative pedagogical activities in vocational education. Presents the issues identified by domestic and foreign researchers in the field of innovative pedagogical process. In addition to the existing problems of the author formulated and added to the problems hindering the development of innovative educational activities.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):17-19
pages 17-19 views

Creative way Czech architect A. Balshaneka

Bolshanik P.V.


Antonin Balshanek, professor at the Czech Technical University, was the first editor of the magazine "Architectural horizon", supervised the construction of the Municipal House in Prague.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):20-29
pages 20-29 views

About advance of children's reading: creation of the press service in library

Vasilyeva L.I.


In article features of children's reading at the present stage of development of society reveal. Being guided by the National program of support and development of reading, the author offers creation of the press service in library as one of ways of advance of children's reading. Also the storiteling as one of interaction forms with readers in structure of the press service is considered.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):30-34
pages 30-34 views

Yugra State University (YuSU, Khanty-Mansiysk) on the way to integration into the world educational space through the prism of the Bologna Convention

Vafeev R.A., Filimonova N.V.


The article is an analysis of the characteristics and constraints to the integration of the Yugra state university into the world educational space on the way to formation of the national model of multilevel continuous education that meets the needs of the individual and society. The article considers the main directions of the interuniversity educational cooperation and describes the possibility of introducing a system of motivational measures for their full and meaningful implementation.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):35-40
pages 35-40 views

Organizational and pedagogical conditions study relevance for achievement the objectives during educational process in the "Physical Education" discipline with students of special educational departments in higher education

Galay O.I.


The article focuses on improving the educational process of Physical Education discipline with students of high school special training department. The domestic practices of students with limited disease physical education were briefly reviewed. Research literature and the legal framework material analysis identified necessity to examine the organization and pedagogical conditions for the increasing effectiveness of the education process of Physical Education discipline.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):41-44
pages 41-44 views

Sensual level of interaction between the psyche and musical works

Gilmanov S.A.


The article focuses on the sensual level of interaction between the psyche and musical works. On the basis of the description of structural aspects of sensuality, the role and place of sensual level of interaction with music in the development of the psyche, consciousness and personality is substantiated. The main idea of the author is that sensual level accumulates textual-logical and semantic aspects of the interaction between psyche and musical works. The paper presents the research results of the author about musical synesthesia and foreign scientist's about the musical brain.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):45-52
pages 45-52 views

Social protection of children from cruel treatment in a family: problems and solutions

Miishenko V.A., Ustyanceva A.D.


Article is devoted to a problem of children’s protection from cruel treatment in a family. The authors disclose the concepts "child abuse" and it’s forms, the reasons, consequences. Possibility of deep irreversibility of consequences of cruel treatment in a family of children is emphasized. In article modern technologies of social work on prevention and overcoming of child abuse and possibility of their practical application are considered.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):53-59
pages 53-59 views

Pedagogical aspects of training future specialists in physical culture and sport

Aksarina I.Y., Mosina N.V.


Interrelation of the basic disciplines of the theory and methodology of physical education, sports and educational medico-biological and psychological disciplines is fundamental training.Nowadays a growing need for highly qualified professionals that are on par with methodical preparedness in their activity must have fundamental training in the humanities, natural sciences and basic types of physical activity.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):63-65
pages 63-65 views

The formation of the philosophical views of the physical culture and sports in children of school age

Barbashov S.V.


The article discusses age-related changes of theviews on physical culture and sports.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):66-71
pages 66-71 views

Voice as a professional instrument is in activity of teacher of physical culture

Ivanova L.Y., Ivanov O.N.


In the article talked that managing voice, a man manages the impression that produces on wider public. Professional activity of teacher of physical culture requires abilities to talk correctly from him, effectively to affect students. Therefore will learn the very importantly future teacher of physical culture to own voice and to develop speech and motive co-ordination.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):72-75
pages 72-75 views

Physical Training and Sport is the Basis Formation of healthy life-style

Kochegarova I.A.


The Article is devoted to justification of the importance of practicing physical training and sport which is prominent aspect for healthy life-style. It demonstrates ways of healthy life-style realization.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):76-78
pages 76-78 views

Issledovanie profilya funktsional'noy asimmetrii yunykh basketbolistov 10-12 let

Kuchin R.V., Aksarin I.V.


In any sports game, the achievement of the highest sports results depends on the level of technical, physical and tactical training of athletes. For future effective of preparation, given the current rhythm of basketball, it should be in early the age to identify and committed to improve the various individual features of athletes. So pain is a major emphasis acquires the process of training young basketball players 10-12 years taking into account the different profiles of interhemispheric asymmetry of the brain.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):79-82
pages 79-82 views

Features of the immune status of athletes of various specializations, living and practicing in the conditions of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomus Area - Yugra

Nenenko N.T.


The study found differences in the immune status of individuals with different levels of motor activity living in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomus Area - Yugra. Athletes of various specializations differed expressed suppression of humoral immunity. This fact may be the reason for the failure of adaptation and the increasing incidence of elite athletes.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):83-85
pages 83-85 views

Theoretical jastification of developing the innovative modular technology of improvement the students power abiliteies

Khorkova A.S.


Module technology of developing power flairs allows to extend the scopes of the folded presentations in the system of P.E. of students, complementing lessons the unconventional forms of development of certain motive qualities, to extend known for them about meaningfulness of physical culture in life of man, to show the necessity of creative collaboration of student and teacher for the increase of efficiency of lessons.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):86-91
pages 86-91 views

Compliance issues attorney-client privilege

Akinina N.U.


This article examines сcompliance issues attorney-client privilege the in the Russian Federation.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):95-98
pages 95-98 views

The legal views is a phenomenon of the official activities of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Gabidullina R.F.


The author of the article tried to prove then the legal views of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation is the source of law.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):99-101
pages 99-101 views

About reformations effectiveness were introduced into chapter 28 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Zharkova A.A.


The changes and additions of the chapter 28 «Crimes in the computer information sphere» are analyzed since the adoption of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and judiciary practice of 2014.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):102-104
pages 102-104 views

Of systemic forms of punishment: the example of the criminal laws of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

Rozenko S.V.


The article deals with the systematic development and improvement of types of criminal penalties in the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):105-109
pages 105-109 views

Motivating students through using multimedia technologies in foreign language learning classes

Valieva L.F.


In this article, the researcher defines multimedia, shows the results of two researches on multimedia, gives several variants of using multimedia techniques within classroom, and states the strength of multimedia English teaching and its effect on student’s motivation.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):113-115
pages 113-115 views

Ethnolinguistic tolerance in cross-cultural dialogue

Vafeev R.A.


The article discusses interethnic units and between group contacts orientations in different spheres of communication. They become determining in corresponding strategies of interethnic interaction. Traditionally there are four main strategies of interethnic interaction in contactology: assimilation, separation, marginalization, and integration. Integration is considered as the optimal strategy of ethnos adaptation. Ethnolinguistics tolerance phenomena act as integration indicators.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):116-120
pages 116-120 views

Cooperative learning at the foreign language lessens

Vladimirova S.V.


This article is devoted to using of new study technologies. The author analyses the results of methods usage. The groundwork for the research conducted are works of such scholars as Sh. A. Amonashvili, M. A. Arian, I. L. Bim, I. A. Zimnyaya, E. I. Passov.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):121-124
pages 121-124 views

Contemporary migration processes as a “linguistic war” factor on a new development stage of the Russian Federation

Koyşe K.


The population migration is not only a simple mechanic movement of people but also a complex socio-psychological process affecting behavior and communication regularities of people, their function, caused by an integration of individuals in social groups, as well as psychological peculiarities of social psychology of the peoples. During the period of new independent states development one may observe the ethnic self-consciousness growth of the Turkic peoples, the understanding of their own identity, the value orientations formation.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):125-134
pages 125-134 views

Narodnaya dukhovnaya poeziya - vozmozhnyy istochnik khristianskikh motivov v poezii M. Yu. Lermontova

Ryabiy I.G.


Spiritual poetry such source - Source of Christian methods in poetry M.U. Lermontov’s

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):135-140
pages 135-140 views

Greatness of female images in lyrical prose and Eremey Aypin's journalism

Ryabiy M.M.


This article is devoted to research of female images in lyrical prose and Aypin's journalism. Comparing heroines of lyrical prose and journalism, the author reveals features of his art manner in different genres.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):141-146
pages 141-146 views

The aesthetic experience as the goal and the form at the mass-media (travelog)

Tuzova-Schyokina S.M.


This article is concerned about the features of the travelog as a way of constructing special aesthetic reality. The analysis of the practice shows that the main goal of the TV-travelog is forming of the aesthetic experience.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):147-151
pages 147-151 views

The semantic structure of idioms with phraseological meaning nominating human being for his character traits in Russian and German languages

Filimonova N.V.


The article presents a comprehensive examination of the problem structuring idiomatic meaning on the example of phraseology, nominating human character traits in Russian and German. Particularly important in the work appears describing the essence of such a complex phenomenon as phraseological semantics, so researched phraseological units detect semantic focus on human rights and reflect the character of a person in the diversity of its manifestations.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):152-157
pages 152-157 views

Debate Technology in Teaching Foreign Languages

Hopiaynen O.A.


The paper focuses on some aspects of technology-based educational process aimed at enhancing the learner’s cognitive interest. The educational potential of debate technology that allows non-native speakers to improve the level of professional communicative competence is examined.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):158-160
pages 158-160 views

Phraseological picture of the world

Yuchkovskayz L.T.


The article notes that the modern comparative linguistics, the theory and practice of translation should be anthropocentric, that is, assume communication activities and take into account the human factor in the analysis and translation of linguistic material. Such concepts as "world view", "conceptual picture of the world", "linguistic picture of the world", "phraseological picture of the world" are included with this approach. The most essential features of phraseological picture of the world are considered. These features are universalism, anthropocentrism, expressiveness.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(1):161-164
pages 161-164 views

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