Vol 11, No 3 (2015)


Technologies for obtaining chemically resistant coatings of titanium oxide nanoparti-cles

Pavlova S.S., Kotvanova M.K., Sologubova I.A., Blinova N.N.


The work is dedicated to methods for producing nano-materials of complex oxides of titanium and creation on their basis of protective coatings. The chemical and physico-mechanical properties of the coating, such as chemical resistance, adhesion, friction force, continuity.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):7-9
pages 7-9 views

Predicting the effectiveness of modified technologies for processing of natural and associated gas.

Novikov A.A., Nazarenko L.T.


The article examines the possibility of using the method of mathematical modeling of chemical- technological processes and created on the basis of the computer systems in quantitative project analysis technologies for processing of natural and associated gas on the example of a twostage scheme for the industrial synthesis of methanol.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):10-13
pages 10-13 views

Methodological support of forensic chemistry laboratories in the system of forensic institutions in Russia

Nekhoroshev S.V., Nekhorosheva A.V., Slepchenko G.B., Gurieva O.L., Kvashennikova N.A.


Methodological support of forensic chemistry laboratories in the system of forensic institutions in Russia The paper analyzes the effectiveness of analytical chemistry methods for solving forensics. The experience of foreign forensic chemistry laboratories and marked problematic issues at a poor level of scientific and methodical, personnel and methodological support of forensic institutions in Russia. Generated proposals for the modernization of the existing Russian system of forensic institutions and circuit training of expert personnel in the field of forensic chemistry.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):14-21
pages 14-21 views

Comparative studying of the photochromic properties of 2-acylaminoderivatives 1-aryloxyanthraquinones in solutions and polymeric layers

Klimenko L.S., Korneev D.S., Litvinov V.A.


New photochromic 2-acylaminoderivatives of 1-p-t-butylphenoxy-9,10-anthraquinone with the various substituents in acyl groups are synthesized. The quantitative dependence of photochemical characteristics of synthesized compounds on character of substituent and nature of the solvent are established. Comparative study of their properties in solutions and polymer layers is realized. Tests show that acylaminoderivatives can be used as components of photochromic materials.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):22-29
pages 22-29 views

Kinetics of mechanochemical processing of secondary plant raw in humic acid

Dudkin D.V., Zmanovskaya A.S.


The kinetics of the preparation of humic acids from peat and from the products of mechanochemical synthesis and oxidative ammonolysis of wood biomass in conditions of ultrasonic treatment of aqueousalkaline media was studied. It is shown that this process is described by a kinetic equation of the second order and limited the intensity of ultrasonic treatment.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):30-37
pages 30-37 views

The total systematics of species of trees, shrubs and lianas plants, their forms and varieties growing in the South Ural region on an example of the Orenburg area

Gerasimova E.U.


In the article gives a brief description of the regional list of trees and shrubs, as well as woody vines that grow in the Orenburg region. Scientific novelty consists in the fact that we were the first compiled and systematized the complete list of indigenous and introduced species, forms and varieties of plants used in landscaping Orenburg.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):39-42
pages 39-42 views

About distribution and hierarchy biotic taxons in the territory of the West Siberian plain

Konovalov A.A., Gashev S.N., Kazantseva M.N.


Quantitative regularities of distribution and hierarchy biotic таксонов in the territory of the West Siberian Plain are investigated. The distribution of species, genera, families and orders of the biota, by geographic subareas of Western Siberia is shown. Formula geographical and hierarchical dependence taxa established, shows their selfsimilarity.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):43-50
pages 43-50 views

On some classes of coefficient inverse problems for parabolic systems of equations with the ovedetermination date of evolutionary type

Korotkova E.M.


The article is devoted to the question of wellposedness in the Sobolev spaces of inverse problems on determining the righthand side and coefficients in a parabolic system of equations. The overdetermination conditions are the values of a part of the vector of solutions on some system of surfaces. Under special conditions on the boundary operators the local existence theorem of solutions to the problem is established.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):51-57
pages 51-57 views

Application of modelling by study of migration transformation in seismic works

Nanishvili O.A.


The article highlights application of modelling by making seismic images through migration transformation. It describes the essence of genesis of the seismic waves of different types on the heterogenous geological terrain and provides a simplified algorithm of the account of factors corrupting the seismic record.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):59-61
pages 59-61 views

The geological structure of the left part of Big Polya river (Prepolar Urals) on the results of geological training surveying practice in 2015

Kudrin K.Y.


Largescale geological mapping of the left part of the valleys of the Big Polya river of (downstream) and Polya river (upstream) on the Eastern slope of the Prepolar Urals is performed. Most (north-western) part of the territory represents a fragment of a large heterogeneous Shchekurinskiy massif, which is the most northern representative in the chain of mafic-ultramafic intrusions of the Uralian platinum belt. The south-eastern part of the area is composed of basalts and dolerites of the complex of parallel dikes.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):62-66
pages 62-66 views

Spatial distribution of small thermokarst lakes of Western Siberia on imagies KH-7 and GeoEye-1

Baysalyamova O.A., Bogdanov A.N., Muratov I.N., Polishchuk Y.M., Snigireva M.S.


The article presents the results of remote studies of small thermokarst lakes distribution in size and changes in their number and area. It uses satellite imageries of ultrahigh spatial resolution KH-7, 1963 year and the current images GeoEye-1. It was found that for 50 years the limnicity decreases and the reduction of the total area of lakes prevails over its growth. On the basis of statistical analysis of experimental data it is shown that the sizedistribution of small lakes corresponds to a power law.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2015;11(3):69-73
pages 69-73 views

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