Vol 13, No 1-2 (2017)


System connections of emotional-evaluative lexicon in dialects of Tobolo-Irtyshye

Vykhristyuk M.S.


The article investigates the system of relations of emotional and evaluative vocabulary of Tobolo-Irtyshye dialects. Important properties of emotional and evaluative vocabulary are relations of synonymy, antonymy and polysemy. The dialect vocabulary of the moral-ethical content, characterized by expressive coloration, richness composition, semantic diversity, reflects the self-esteem of the Russian people, their perception of the world.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):9-12
pages 9-12 views

“I would like to hear the dawn…”, or human and nature in works of Vladimir Volkovets

Kargapolova L.A.


This article analyses relationships between a Human and a Nature in the North, the Human should be in the harmony with the Nature but expostulate it; the Human takes energy for his creative activity from the Nature.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):13-15
pages 13-15 views

Comparison as a stylistic and imaginative means in foreign linguistics

Parshukova M.M.


Comparison is one of the most popular stylistic and imaginative means both in Russian and English. But in spite of it, many questions (variations, functions and structural diversity) are still open. The aim of this article is to analyse the role and position of comparisons in foreign language based on the foreign scientists’ meanings: A. Ortony, Bredin, Ch. Fromilhague, R. Gibbs, M. Gotti, P. Hanks, M. Garavelli, R. Clouse. The chief tasks of this article are the consideration of main characteristics of comparison: its kinds (simi-le/comparison), types (simple and complicated), structure (primum comparationis, secundum comparationis, tertium comparationis), functions and structural models; the study of structural classifications of comparison by Patrick Hanks and V.I. Shinko, typological classifications by R. Clouse and S.I. Buglack; the considera-tion of functional classifications of comparison by Ch. Fromilhague. There presented the conclusion at the end of the artticle.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):16-21
pages 16-21 views

Place of the press in the system of republican media and adequacy of public opinion in the region

Potapov P.F.


This article states the fact that today’s, and more over tomorrow's society cannot exist without a fully diversified influence of the Media. Each new day brings a lot of significant new information to the human-kind, and the only source to learn about it is through Mass Media. In this regard, newspaper men, as well as founders and sponsors of publishing houses will continue to influence public opinion in the region.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):22-28
pages 22-28 views

Features of the legends that formed the basis in the stories "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka"

Savchuk I.P.


The article gives an interpretation of «Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka» tales by N. Gogol. They are described in the context of genre poetics and include legend genre. In response to its flexibility and portability, legend genre can express an author’s ideas, thus the purpose of the article is to define the legend genre types, their development and functionality in N. Gogol prose and revealing legend’s role in a literary text.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):29-33
pages 29-33 views

Grammar of participial constructions, attributively characterizing aquatic vocabulary, in poetic text of Joseph Brodsky

Tverdokhleb O.G.


The article substantiates the idea that in the poetic language of Brodsky there is widespread use of names of objects of water elements, characterized by a temporary basis for action in the form of an agreed definition, expressed by different involved shapes. On a large illustrative material it is shown that in the poetic compositions of Brodsky realities of the watery world, often described as a pre-existing active and independent figures, are the elements most appropriate for the poet events that have already occurred. In the last part the author comes to the conclusion that associated with the idea of time the use of participal constructions as attributive characteristics of aquatic nominations is a significant characteristic of the idiostyle of J. Brodsky. Methods of study of the language of the poetry of Joseph Brodsky proposed in this work can be used in the analysis of poetics of other authors.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):34-40
pages 34-40 views

Translation of axiological vocabulary as exemplified in the novel of M. Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”

Telitsyna E.L.


This article deals with special translation technique of emotionally evaluative lexis as means of image creation and various ways of reproduction of author’s intention. The examples of translation of different intentions were analyzed and ways of reproduction of the source text into English. It was concluded that it is necessary to keep the author’s intention taking into account social, political, economic phenomena, inherent to the age of the opus.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):41-43
pages 41-43 views

The historical roots of teen amateur press in the Ural

Tretyakova L.A.


The article contains a summary of the late 19th century till the beginning of the 20th century amateur teen press timeline through the example of editions by Ural School of Mines, Perm Seminary and Shadrinsk Non-Classical Secondary School. Amateur teen press appearing coincides with society critical stages due to the beginning of democracy, freethinking, former ideals failure and searching for the new ones.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):44-50
pages 44-50 views

Formation of translation competence as the important component of professional training of linguists of "Translation and Translation" area

Hopiaynen O.A.


This paper examines some aspects of professional training in linguists specialising in “Translation and Translation Studies” within competence-based approach that are of importance for competence development in translation/ interpreting. Professional competence is developed through knowledge acquiring and mastering the skills graduates need to translate and interpret. The content analysis of professional training and training in translation / interpreting allows of exploring methods to increase effectiveness of the educational process as well as correlate competences in the federal state educational standard in linguistics and competences required in translation market.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):51-55
pages 51-55 views

Prospects for representation in screen media history

Ivaschenko T.S.


The article is devoted to an actual problem, interdisciplinary approaches in historical research. There is noted a role of various ways of the audiovisual fixation in reality such as the Visual Studies and Digital Humanities, actively developing multidisciplinary approaches to gender and micro-history, visual anthropology, history of everyday life and other areas of modern social practices. The goal is the development of these areas in the national historical science. Realization of this goal is possible through the recognition of the importance of the scientific community in the process of rekonst-struction history not only newsreels, but the game of cinema, capable of convincingly testify historicized time-symmetric. It raises questions about the need to introduce into the curricula of training historians subjects of cultural and film profile.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):59-63
pages 59-63 views

Philosophical causes of culturology development as a system of knowledge about culture

Kargapolov E.P.


This article analyses relations of philosophy and culturology, philosophical (methodological and ideological) cases of problem formulation of culturology, there is an analyse of opinions of philosophers and scientists of culturology about problems of relations of philosophy, culture and culturology.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):64-71
pages 64-71 views

Duality of political myth

Kozyreva T.V., Slobodchikova V.A.


This article reveals the essence and features of the political myth. Various approaches to definition of this concept are analyzed. Such features of the myth as personal reality, existence of images, a support of archetypes. Authors note the dualistic nature of the myth combining the following contrasts: rational and irrational, fiction and reality, conscious and unconscious, myth and counter-myth. Functions of the political myth are pointed out, influence on consciousness of people reveals. The political myth as an object of research, is considered on examples of several countries.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):72-76
pages 72-76 views

On question of relationship of geopolitics and strategy of USA in the late XIX – early XX century

Tkacheva T.V.


The article is devoted to the consideration of relationship geo-political theories and Strategic policy of the USA in the late XIX - early XX. We characterize the factors that influenced the formation of the theoretical foundations of US foreign policy at the turn of the centuries, that it clarifies the origins of myth-creation and conservatism of contemporary American foreign policy.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):77-80
pages 77-80 views

Institution of administrative prejudice in criminal code of Russian Federation

Akinina N.Y., Berndt A.A.


This article analyses reasons for the return of Russian lawmakers to the Institution of administrative prejudice. Such reasons are carrying out a liberal policy of criminal legislation and the possibility of crime prevention through administrative penalties.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):83-86
pages 83-86 views

Classification of the models of bar association

Anisimov V.F., Kudrina E.N.


This article gives a science-based classification of the models of lawyer self-government in national legal systems, depending on the number of legal professional organizations, legal regulation of the organisational and functional bases of self-regulating Bar associations, as well as functioning of government and degree of differentiation of powers between a legal profession and government.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):87-92
pages 87-92 views

Remedial law in relation to mediation

Gorbenkova A.S., Salmina S.G.


The article considers some topical issues of development of mediation with participation of facilitator in criminal proceedings. Special attention is paid to aspects of implementation of mediation in this area. The authors suggest that you should consider when using mediation in criminal proceedings.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):93-96
pages 93-96 views

Tax policy of the state in the oil industry as an instrument of ensuring financial safety of the Russian Federation in the period of an unstable economic and political country situation

Gorbunova E.N.


Oil extraction taxation in our country was and remains a subject of special discussion. This article deals with actual problems of the taxation of the entities of an oil sector in the conditions of financial crisis, the sanctions imposed against Russia and the low prices of oil are considered. The object of research are topical issues of the taxation of the oil industry, in particular the mechanism of the taxation of the added income of the oil companies. The main options of tax mechanisms offered by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation are considered and also opinions of heads of the largest oil companies of the Russian Federation of rather operating system of the taxation of the oil industry are analyzed. The special attention is paid to the analysis of the first results of the carried-out tax reform concerning entering of tax maneuver as one of the main mechanisms of financial safety of the state. The main conclusions of research is that receipt of effective result requires system work concerning reform of the taxation of the oil industry, a phased transition from tax maneuver to the taxation of the added income of the oil companies.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):97-101
pages 97-101 views

Modern state and role of tax receipts from oil industry in forming of profitable part of federal budget of Russian Federation

Gorbunova E.N., Psuk T.V.


Oil and gas industry has a strategic value for forming of profitable part of the budgetary system. Taxation of booty of oil in our country was and remains the subject of special discussion. During a long period the Russian legislation concerning taxation in oil industry was aimed to provide at any cost a due level of tax receipts in the budget of Russian Federation. In this connection, the article reveals the content of the tax system in oil industry and opens up estimation of consequences of its changes during the last years. The special attention is spared to the analysis of receipts of taxes from oil industry in the budget of Russian Federation. An author draws conclusion, that for providing continuous and stable stream of tax receipts in the budget of Russian Federation it is necessary to perfect the system of taxation in oil industry.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):102-105
pages 102-105 views

Place and role of religious influence on the prisoners in the penitentiary system of Russia

Parshukov I.N.


The article discusses the question of the role of religious-cart-effects on prisoners in punishment system in Russia execution. It reveals the problems that make it difficult to use the method of religious effects on prisoners.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):106-108
pages 106-108 views

Problems of criminal sentencing in the presence of circumstances mitigating punishment

Rozenko S.V., Devitsyna V.A.


The article deals with the problems of criminal sentencing in the circumstances, mitigating the punishment. The subject of research is the importance of these circumstances in the Russian criminal law. The list of circumstances mitigating punishment, is open and the court may recognize any other things as circumstances mitigating the punishment. In this regard, the submissions of the judicial practice, which presents additional circumstances recognized by courts as mitigating. The value of these circumstances is that: 1) they do not affect the qualification of the crime; 2) they reduce degree of public danger of the crime and the identity of the guilty, resulting in significant mitigation of penalties. The nature of the mitigating circumstances, as well as their combination allows the court to treat them as the exception of significant circumstances and to sentence somebody with the use of the provisions of article 64 of the criminal code of Russian Federation, i.e. a milder sanction than that provided in criminiology guilty of the article that allows you to know the issue of fairness of the punishment.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):109-112
pages 109-112 views

Features of qualifications fraud in the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation

Rozenko S.V., Murzina K.A.


The article considers the problems of determining a fraud in the Russian criminal law. The relevance of the topics currently defined by the presence of problems of qualification of fraud resulting from new approaches to the criminalization of theft. The subject is article 159 of the criminal code. Tasks of the article: suggestion when you know the subject of the crime under-ruined article 159 of the criminal code, in accordance with the current changes of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation, people's property, which includes rights of property; to add to article 159 of the criminal code a qualified sign of the Commission of a fraud committed by a group of individuals that alows you to qualify actions of guilty, in the case of lack of proof of their collusion, as a more serious crime than fraud committed by more than one individual; it seems necessary to define in the explanation of the resolution of Plenum of the Supreme Court position on the percenage of the causes of harware damage with the income of the victim or the aggregate income of the family of the victim, taking into account the number of family members.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):113-116
pages 113-116 views

Criminal-legal characteristic of fraud on the internet

Fadina Y.P.


Fraud is one of the most common crimes against property, so, it is paid enough attention to it in the literature. At the same time the methods of fraud are constantly changing, and new means of committing crimes of the kind that requires changes in legislation. The study of peculiarities of criminal liability for crimes in sphere of the computer information, identification of gaps in this area and offer possible ways of their solutions is extremely relevant.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):117-121
pages 117-121 views

On mediation institute in criminal procedure

Salmina S.G.


The article considers some aspects of mediation in criminal procedure. The author has defined the author’s notion “mediator”. Special attention is paid to conciliation procedure in criminal procedure legislation. There are examples of use of mediation services in educational institutions of the Russian territorial entity

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2017;13(1-2):122-125
pages 122-125 views

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