Vol 14, No 1 (2018)

Modern Russian family: the diagnostics of the decisions using the theory of games
Ayvarova N.S.

Annotation: This article includes the main directions of family development in modern Russia. The purpose of the study is to justify the need for government support for the family. The subject of the study are the decisions of the modern Russian family regarding the taking of mortgages and the birth of children.

To achieve the goal, the following tasks were set: to consider the main decisions taken by the modern Russian family, depending on the family income, using game theory to analyze these decisions and interpreting the results. The main methods for conducting the study were analysis, formalization, induction, etc.

The result of the work is the identification of a number of causes of low fertility in most Russian families, as well as the identification of the main directions of assistance to the family institution on the part of the state.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2018;14(1):5-12
Forecasting the orbital-climate diagram dynamics based on the wavelet analysis and fuzzy neural networks
Alekseev V.I.

Based on the new concept of the V. Bolshakov's orbital theory of paleoclimate, as well as the multiscale time-series wavelet decomposition method, and neural network fuzzy inference rules, the paper derives a predicted curve for the so-called orbital-climate diagram (OCD) in the ratio of  (eccentricity, orbit inclination, precession) within the time interval from -1000 kyr in the past to 100 kyr in the future since modern times. This diagram features the Earth climate change caused by an insolation change to be the principal factor of the climate change, driven by Earth's orbital elements changes. Efficiency of the time-series forecast method is proved by the obtained predicted OCD trajectory verification within the past 100 kyr period and other paleoclimate data with a correlation coefficient 0.93.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2018;14(1):13-21
Forecast of Ugra transport development
Bolshanik P.V.

The article considers the main factors influencing the development trends of the transport industry of Ugra, the forecast of transport development is given. The strengths and weaknesses of transport are analyzed and a conclusion is made about the opportunities and threats for its development. Various scenarios are considered in the directions and structure of transportation of goods across the territory of Ugra.

Yugra State University Bulletin. 2018;14(1):22-31
Nagaeva S.N.
All manifestations of technogenic changes in the depths in the search, exploration and development of oil fields can be very diverse and lead to many not always predictable consequences. The urgency of the task of integrated use and protection of mineral resources requires increased attention both to ensuring control over the implementation of environmental protection measures and for technologies that reduce the technogenic impact on it. The article considers the modern technology of water injection to maintain reservoir pressure in several layers at the same time with a single well, which increases the technological culture of field development, which positively affects the state of the subsoil and the environment. This technology is aimed at reducing capital expenditures for the development of a system for maintaining reservoir pressure, the need to control and regulate the volume of water pumping through individual layers of the exploited facility. Introducing simultaneous-separate injection, it is possible to reduce the number of land-based water conduits, which ultimately leads to a decrease in the man-made load on the environment, ensuring environmental safety.
Yugra State University Bulletin. 2018;14(1):32-37
Transient and Steady-State Analysis of Single Switched Capacitor Converter
Kushnerov A.

The paper derives closed form expressions for transient and steady-state operation of a DC-DC converter with single switched capacitor. To this end, the result of each switching is considered as a point in the iterative process, and the function between the points is reconstructed. As opposed to the commonly accepted approach, when each of the topologies is approximated by a first order circuit, the proposed analysis is carried out for second order circuits. This allows obtaining the waveform of output voltage ripple and paves the way to more accurate calculation of equivalent resistance. The obtained analytical expressions were verified by simulations and an excellent agreement between the results was found.


Yugra State University Bulletin. 2018;14(1):38-45

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