Journal of Clinical Practice

Dear Colleagues!

The main idea of our journal is to provide description and analysis of clinical cases with severe, rare and difficult for diagnoses diseases, occurred in the clinics of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia. Such clinical analysis is aimed to develop “clinical” type of thinking, always have been the characteristic feature of Russian/USSR medical school. The journal purpose is also to improve scientific discussions and cooperation between physicians of different specialties.

Revival of historical traditions in our journal is the one of the components of continuing education, which is especially important in “closed” territories, where doctors can`t regularly participate in clinical conferences. An important aspect is to provide a printed tribune for any doctor who has an interesting clinical observation and wish to share his experience with colleagues. That is why we named our journal "Clinical Practice" and address it, first of all, those skilled in applied medicine. Of course, we also publish the results of original researches, clinical guidelines, current reviews and medical news. The journal is multidisciplinary and we hope that it will be interesting to doctors of different specialties. The journal is published by means of the Federal Research and Clinical Center of FMBA of Russia. Placement of all materials, except for advertising, are free of charge to authors.

Current Issue

Vol 10, No 1 (2019)

Original Studies
Improved methods of the contrast-enhanced ultrasound in patient with chronic viral hepatitis
Tikhankova A.V., Borsukov A.V., Buyeverov A.O., Ivanov V.V., Ivanov Y.V.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):4-9
The results of staged endovascular revascularization with use of stents with third generations of drug-eluting and biodegradable polymer in patients with acute coronary syndrome and multivessel coronary artery disease
Bocharov A.V., Popov L.V.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):10-15
Disorders of fine motor skills after a stroke: the processes of neuroplasticity and sensorimotor integration
Ekusheva E.V., Komazov A.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):16-22
Ultrasound steatometry in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: pilot results
Venidiktova D.Y., Borsukov A.V., Alipenkova A.V., Eremkina A.V., Tagil A.O., Trushova V.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):23-29
Cardiooncology. Basic principles of prevention and treatment of cardiotoxicity in cancer patients
Plokhova E.V., Doundoua D.P.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):30-40
Efficacy and safety of carvedilol in combination with bronchodilators in patients with CHF of ischemic origin and COPD.
Evdokimov V.V., Evdokimova A.G., Yushchuk E.N.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):41-47
Adaptation of the method of pulse wave velocity measurement for screening examinations in outpatient practice
Tkachenko Y.V., Strazhesko I.D., Borisov E.N., Plisiuk A.G., Orlova I.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):48-56
Review of methodology and materials using for building of gum soft tissues
Tarasenko S.V., Zagorskij S.V.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):57-62
Deep stimulation in neurosurgery
Kalinkin A.A., Vinokurov A.G., Kalinkina O.N., Ilinykh A.S., Bocharov A.A., Durov O.V., Isaev E.N., Chupalenkov S.M.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):63-71
Anterolateral ligament as a main stabilizing structure оf rotational stability оf the knee joint
Epshtein A.A., Prizov A.P., Lazko F.L., Zagorodniy N.V., Akhpashev A.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):72-80
Clinical significance of ureaplasmas in urogenital pathology
Kovalyk V.P., Vladimirova E.V., Rubasheva T.V., Sirmays N.S.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):81-87
Case report
Harlequin’s face — a rare form of autonomic dysfunction during dissection of the internal carotid artery
Belopasov V.V., Gubanova M.V., Belopasova A.V., Kalashnikova L.A., Dobrinina L.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):88-93
Spinal muscular atrophy. Clinical and genetic examination and risk assessments in pregnancy planning (SMA) woman
Mitkovsky V.G., Ponomareva N.Y., Makarova V.V., Milagina V.S., Yampol’skaya E.N., Kochetkov A.V.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):94-100
Familial mediterranean fever: clinical case
Saykovskiy R.S., Sadovnikova S.V.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):101-107
Healthcare system administration
The influence of the media on the formation of cognitive dissonance in the doctor-to-patient interaction
Baglyuk S.B., Kasatkina N.S.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2019;10(1):108-113