Journal of Clinical Practice

Dear Colleagues!

The main idea of our journal is to provide description and analysis of clinical cases with severe, rare and difficult for diagnoses diseases, occurred in the clinics of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia. Such clinical analysis is aimed to develop “clinical” type of thinking, always have been the characteristic feature of Russian/USSR medical school. The journal purpose is also to improve scientific discussions and cooperation between physicians of different specialties.

Revival of historical traditions in our journal is the one of the components of continuing education, which is especially important in “closed” territories, where doctors can`t regularly participate in clinical conferences. An important aspect is to provide a printed tribune for any doctor who has an interesting clinical observation and wish to share his experience with colleagues. That is why we named our journal "Clinical Practice" and address it, first of all, those skilled in applied medicine. Of course, we also publish the results of original researches, clinical guidelines, current reviews and medical news. The journal is multidisciplinary and we hope that it will be interesting to doctors of different specialties. The journal is published by means of the Federal Research and Clinical Center of FMBA of Russia. Placement of all materials, except for advertising, are free of charge to authors.

Current Issue

Vol 9, No 4 (2018)

Original Studies
Comparative study of the effects of mesenchymal stem cells with different delivery methods in an experimental model of lung fibrosis
Averyanov A.V., Konoplyannikov A.G., Zabozlaev F.G., Sotnikova A.G., Danilevskaya O.V., Konoplyannikov M.A., Tatarsky A.R.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):4-14
In vivo endomicroscopic features of distal airways in chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Danilevskaya O.V., Averyanov A.V.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):15-24
The dynamics of some health indicators in adult patients with cystic fibrosis, observed in the research institute of pulmonology in 2003-2018
Krasovskiy S.A., Amelina E.L., Gorinova U.V., Chernyak A.V., Afanasjeva M.V., Krilova N.A., Shumkova G.L., Zonenko O.G., Tatarskiy A.R.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):25-32
Impulse оscillometry in the diagnosis of moderate airway obstruction
Savushkina O.I., Chernyak A.V., Kryukov E.V., Zaytsev A.A., Naumenko Z.K., Tatarsky A.R.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):33-39
Microbiological features of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease during remission
Smirnova-Saprytskaya M.Y., Osipova G.L., Ospelnikova T.P., Danilina G.A., Zykov K.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):40-46
The influence of etiological factors on immunoreactivity in patients with community-acquired pneumonia
Rvacheva A.V., Pustovalov A.A., Zykov K.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):47-54
Vocal cord dysfunction and asthma.
Osipova G.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):
Non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis: actual problem review and treatment prospects
Sinitsyn E.A., Zykov K.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):55-64
Inhalation beta-2-agonists in cardiorespiratory pathology: pro-or anti-inflammatory effects?
Nistor S.Y., Smolyakova E.V., Klimova A.A., Rvacheva A.V., Zykov K.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):65-73
Vocal cord dysfunction and bronchial asthma
Osipova G.L., Osipova V.V., Rvacheva A.V., Terekhov D.V., Sinitsyn E.A.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):74-79
Case report
Congenital lobar emphysema in 16-year-old girl: clinical observation
Samsonova M.V., Mikhaylichenko K.Y., Chernyayev A.L., Chernyak A.V., Tyurin I.Y., Stepanyan I.E.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):80-83
Healthcare system administration
ICF and the quality of medical care
Kochoubey A.V., Kochubey V.V., Lastovetsky A.G.
Journal of Clinical Practice. 2018;9(4):84-89