Vol 6, No 4 (2015)


Clinical Motion Analysis (s) Laboratory


In July 2015, a new subdivision of the Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine was organized at the Federal Research Center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia - the laboratory for clinical analysis of movements (biomechanics).

Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;6(4):29-29
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Gait analysis at patients with anterior cruciate ligament rupture before and after surgical treatment

Akhpashev A.A., Zagorodny N.V., Kaurkin S.N., Skvortsov D.V.


The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is most often structures to be damaged. In this research investigated biomechanics of walking at the timing, kinematics and dynamics parameters for 34 patients which had verified rupture of ACL. The 11 patients were investigated before surgical treatment and 23 after it. Investigations of patients of the first group were made at the time of 1 week to 6 years after trauma of the knee joint (the average meaning is 18 months). The second group was investigated at the time from 1,5 month to 5,5 years (the average meaning is 13 months).

At the current research we did not find any specific for rupture of ACL functional disturbances during level walking compare to normal data and healthy limp. However, we assume some tendency to increase of flection-extention movement at the damaged knee joint after surgery.

This result could give us some basis for revision the term of instability, because we did not get definite symptoms at our study.

Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;6(4):30-38
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Morphological and ultrasound characteristics of endometrium in patients with breast cancer and the risk of secondary tumors

Gerasimov A.V., Krasilnikov S.E., Kedrova A.G., Maksimenko T.A., Afonina N.S., Nechaeva O.E., Kosyi V.V.


The analysis of features of endometrial hyperplasia in patients with breast cancer (BC) receiving adjuvant tamoxifen therapy in the period from 2011 to 2014 inclusive. 196 patients with breast cancer with ultrasound criteria of endometrial hyperplasia were examined. A postoperative histopathologic examination revealed that the lesions were endometrial hyperplasias and with 4,1% malignant findings. Hyperplasia, polyps and endometrial cancer were diagnosed in patients receiving tamoxifen, which allowed a comparison clinicoanamnestic, ultrasound, morphological and genetic characteristics of the endometrium to recover a high risk of developing a second cancer, as well as offer a pathogenic variant of its prevention. The article can be interesting as for obstetrician-gynecologist, watching women after breast cancer treatment, and oncologists, choosing a drug for adjuvant therapy.

Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;6(4):39-47
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Current approaches for the diagnosis, risk stratification and interventional treatment of patients with acute coronary syndromes without st-segment elevation

Ardashev A.V., Staferov A.V., Konev A.V., Afonina N.S., Negrun N.I., Himii O.V., Челомбитько Y.G.


This article reviews current approaches to diagnosis and determination of the individual risk of patients with acute coronary syndrome without ST-segment elevation. Guidelines for determining the choice of treatment strategy and the time slots for its implementation are discussed. We describe the technical features of the implementation of interventional treatment in this group of patients; the choice of methods of myocardial revascularization is discussed.

Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;6(4):59-84
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Molecular genetic approaches in the diagnosis of lung cancer

Khodyrev D.A., Nikitin A.S., Kulagina N.S., Averyanov A.V.


It is an acute problem for the 21st century to find effective and inexpensive methods for early detection of lung cancer. Patients, suspected of having a malignant disease of lungs, generally undergo clinical studies such as CT scans of the chest and bronchoscopy. The latter is mainly used to confirm the diagnosis. However, even when the signs, symptoms and radiological findings indicate that clinical diagnosis of malignant lung disease is evident, additional invasive procedures for obtaining the biological material suitable for the final confirmation of the presence of malignant cells are required. Currently, there is a clear understanding of the need to find biomarkers able to detect pre-clinical stage of cancer cells using minimally invasive procedures.

Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;6(4):85-94
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A case of rare form of primary cutaneous cd4± small/medium t-cell lymphoma

Diakonov D.A., Fedorovskaya N.S., Luchinin A.S.


Primary cutaneous CD4± small/medium T-cell lymphoma is very rare blood disease with usually good prognosis. However similar histology and immunohistochemistry of this pathology with more aggressive T-cells lymphomas, such as mycosis fungoides, make it difficult for pathologist to find the accurate diagnosis. We report about of 40-year-old woman, who came to our clinic with cheek skin lesion.

Journal of Clinical Practice. 2015;6(4):95-10
pages 95-10 views

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