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by ancy mathias (18.05.2021)

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Sciatica and lumbago usually occur as a result of the nerves that come out from the spinal cord, located inside the spine, are pinched, usually because the muscles that support the spine are weak, due to lack of exercises that support them. strengthen and stretch, it can also happen that the intervertebral disc, a small sponge located between the vertebrae, which acts as a pad, this herniated and a part of it press some of the nerves that come out from the spine.

What is sciatica and lumbago

In addition, according to Chinese Medicine, sciatica pain and low back pain are caused by kidney and bladder involvement, their causes being multiple, for example, by genetics that one is born with a deficiency in these organs.

In addition, a bad diet with excess meat, cheese, spices, coffee, salt, alcohol, and a lack of healthy foods such as vegetables, salads, legumes, cereals, fruits, plenty of fluids (with fluids we should not go to the extreme and drink a lot of water because we would cause exhaustion and subsequent kidney failure).

On the other hand, according to the psychosomatic theory where our emotions influence our state of the body, a pain in the sciatic nerve can indicate certain afflictions that are reflected in those parts of the body. It is not absolute, but reflect on your repetitive emotional states and see, if transforming one, it can lead to improvements.

Solutions to relieve sciatica and lumbago

Follow these guidelines and get sciatica pain relief if you do it correctly and regularly until the pain disappears.

Massage on the affected leg and lower back

  • Put in hypericum oil or in sweet almond oil, a few drops of rosemary essence and a little arnica extract (they act as anti-inflammatories).
  • Place a towel under the person, the patient faces down with a pillow under the belly so that the lumbar area is not sunken, if it is so uncomfortable, put it on its side
  • Begin to massage the sole of the foot, then doing a gentle rubbing at first, it will go up, then as the muscles warm up, it becomes stronger as if you were kneading bread and drawing lines with all your fingers, from the bottom up through the calves, in the popliteal fossa (behind the knee), behind the thigh and at the sides or hips.
  • In the end, when going for the buttocks, kneading especially this area, we can notice small balls within these gluteal muscles that respond to inflamed areas of the affected nerves, with the massage, by activating the circulation, they will dissolve and the pain will disappear.

Heat / ice therapy

When in the early stages of pain, using hot and cold packs (ice packs) for sciatica pain relief is also a great factor in reducing inflammation. While applying heat helps soften or loosen muscles, using ice helps by reducing swelling and inflammation. Also, an electric blanket can work effectively.


Chiropractors and physical therapists recommend these series of exercises (above) that serve to achieve relief from pain of sciatica and low back pain. They are highly effective in reducing pain in the legs and also in centralizing it (managing to carry it to the lower back). Talk to your therapist before starting this therapy. Excessive rest is not advised.

Lumbar spine treatment and decompression

The therapy that some therapists use is called manual traction. They use certain instruments to separate the lumbar vertebrae, this allows the material that makes up the disc to be reabsorbed into the material that makes up the external disc. This option is excellent to consider, only if sciatica pain does not improve with other treatment alternatives.

Improve posture

Postural hygiene is important, that is, sitting on hard seats with your back straight and your kidneys well supported, keeping your kidneys warm and avoiding cold drafts, sleeping on your side with your knees bent and with a cushion between both legs, avoid lifting objects from the ground without bending your knees.

Mental and emotional healing

Don't forget about your emotional health. The inner work (meditation / reflection / being aware) to observe fears that block us and that can be reflected in our ailments in our body, is very important. Try to see if there is a connection between your pain and some anxiety that you are currently experiencing to work it in the roots. Pain can be a reflection of how we are going through it internally, and sciatica pain is no exception. Thus, solving those fears and afflictions first can be mainly the first step to do or at least not stop doing it.

For peripheral neuropathy, signs and symptoms can also include the inability to determine joint position of the extremities and/or extreme sensitivity to touch by the arms and legs. Cranial neuropathy can evolve one or more of the 12 cranial nerves; the general symptoms of neuropathy may localize mainly to the face and eyes; however, other cranial nerves may show similar symptoms. For autonomic neuropathy, because autonomic nerves control the function organs and glands, they usually produce many different symptoms and signs, depending upon what organs or glands are involved.

Nerve Control 911 Ingredients Reviews

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