Ecological genetics

Fundamental medical and biology peer-review journal publishes from 2003

Editor-in-Chief: professor Sergei G. Inge-Vechtomov 



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Journal mission

The journal Ecological genetics is an international multi-disciplinary journal which accepts for consideration original manuscripts that clarify all aspects of interactions between genetic and ecological processes on any types of organisms and on all levels of living system organization, from molecular to ecosystem one.

The editorial board accepts manuscripts that reflect the results of field and experimental studies, and fundamental research of broad conceptual and/or comparative context.

We welcome the publication of materials that:

  • make a significant contribution to the development of general biological theory and methodology of ecological and genetic research;
  • contribute to a better understanding of genetic mechanisms of the regulation of intra– and inter–species interactions of organisms, as well as ‘organism–environment’ interactions;
  • contribute to a better understanding of modern issues in general biology.

Publications of the journal would be of interest to a wide range of specialists in the fields of ecology, genetics, biochemistry, general biology, evolutionary theory, as well as for physicians and teachers and students of various biological and medical profiles.

The official languages of the journal are English and Russian. The English version of the article appears on the website three months after the publication of the Russian version.


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Current Issue

Vol 17, No 2 (2019)

1. Genetic basis of ecosystems evolution
Polymorphism of genes controlling low level of linolenic acid in lines from VIR flax genetic collection
Porokhovinova E.A., Shelenga T.V., Matveeva T.V., Pavlov A.V., Grigorieva E.A., Brutch N.B.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):5-19
Estimation of the congruence between morphogenetic and molecular-genetic modules of gray voles Microtus S.L. variability along a climatic gradient
Kovaleva V.Y., Pozdnyakov A.A., Litvinov Y.N., Efimov V.M.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):21-34
Artificial activation of nif gene expression in nodule bacteria Ex Planta
Baymiev A.K., Gumenko R.S., Vladimirova A.A., Akimova E.S., Vershinina Z.R., Baymiev A.K.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):35-42
Role of the plant heterotrimeric G-proteins in the signal pathways regulation
Bovin A.D., Dolgikh E.A.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):43-54
2. Genetic toxicology
Effect of lead on polytenic chromosomes from salivary glands of Chironomus Plumosus L. and Glyptotendipes Glaucus Mg. (Diptera, Chironomidae)
Belonogova Y.V., Durnova N.A., Sheremetyeva A.S.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):55-62
Role of the interaction of resistance genes to acaricides of different chemical classes in the posterity of diheterozygous females of the two-spotted spider mite
Sundukov O.V., Tulaeva I.A.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):63-68
Complex study of potential toxicity and genotoxicity of water samples from natural sources of the suburban zone of Almaty
Lovinskaya A.V., Kolumbayeva S.Z., Suvorova M.A., Iliyassova A.I., Biyasheva Z.M., Abilev S.K.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):69-81
Impact of electromagnetic uhf radiation on genome destabilization in bone marrow cell of rat strains with contrast nervous system excitability
Dyuzhikova N.A., Vaido A.I., Daev E.V., Kopyltsov A.V., Surma S.V., Shchegolev B.F., Serov I.N.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):83-92
Protective effect of extracts of Teucrium Polium and Rumex Crispus against cyclophosphamide-induced genotoxic damage in human lymphocytes
Yuksel S., Sezer S., Kurtoglu E., Bag H.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):93-100
Assessment of the equivalence of technical materials of analogous pesticides to original active substances on the basis of “mutagenicity” criterion
Ilyushina N.A.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):101-112
Opinions, discussions
Diversity of RNA interference pathways in regulation of endogenous and exogenous sequences expression in ciliates Tetrahymena and Paramecium
Nekrasova I.V., Potekhin A.A.
Ecological genetics. 2019;17(2):113-125