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Eating healthy is not expensive, we tell you the best tricks to eat rich, healthy and without spending too much money. With organization it is possible.

I do not know if you have ever considered it, but among my closest circle, the discussion is recurrent that eating healthy is expensive and that if you have a limited budget to buy food it is impossible to eat healthy.

Of course, there are cases and cases for which it is never good to generalize, but eating healthy does not mean eating sirloin and monkfish, but there are many options to eat healthy, delicious and cheap.

In fact, I cannot write this post, without remembering the project " 5 euros a day " carried out by Anna Mayer and Jorge Guitián, a couple of Spanish bloggers who in 2013 did the experiment of trying to feed (well) a family of 4 with a budget of 5 euros a day. And yes, you can eat well while spending (very) little money.

Tricks to eat healthy while spending little money

Forget about pre-cooked food

Sometimes it may seem that that euro or two euros that they ask us for a portion of something processed is not a lot of money, but when you sit down and do the math, in reality we are paying for those small portions much more expensive than it would cost us to do. at home a much larger amount. In fact, we were just talking about this the other day when we asked you not to buy hummus.

Buy some things in bulk and others in bulk

Although it may seem contradictory to buy in large quantities, it makes sense, because if there are products that we always use, when buying them in large quantities we usually get better prices. On the other hand, when it comes to products that we do not use often and we only need a small amount at a time, it is best to buy them in bulk so we will have only the amount we need.

Learn to enjoy vegetables and legumes

Not all your dishes have to include meat or fish, since legumes are a very cheap option to obtain protein, fiber and antioxidants and you can combine them with quinoa, wheat or rice to make a complete menu.

If you don't like legumes, eggs are also a cheap source of protein and combine great with lots of vegetables to prepare omelets, quiches, scrambled eggs, etc.

Buy cheaper cuts of meat

Grilled steak is not the only healthy meat, and both veal and pork have cut that cost half and that if cooked long enough over low heat will allow us to enjoy the meat without losing control of the budget.

In the case of chicken, as we explained to you at the time, the best option is to buy the whole chicken.

You can also afford organic food

Once you get organized with the purchase, you will see that you do not have to give up buying organic food, but many times you will have to inform yourself and, if anything, share the purchase with your friends. For example, it will probably be cheaper for you to buy a 15 kg box of oranges directly from the producer in Valencia. Of course, unless you have a very large family, it is best to order with a group of friends.

For eggs, surely there is a nearby farm that has good eggs at a good price, everything is to start looking.

Visit the market and flea markets

The super offers are not the cheapest prices at which things can be bought, since in markets and flea markets there is usually more variety and almost always at a better price, especially if you spend at the last minute and you are good at haggling.

Don't throw anything that is edible

Freeze the ugly parts of vegetables to make broths along with the meat bones, use the leftovers to cook other dishes. Improvise with the ingredients you have in the fridge before they go bad. Freeze what you can freeze.

Plant your own spices

It is not about setting up an urban garden, but you can save quite a few euros at the end of the year if you have some pots with the spices that you use the most in the kitchen, apart from the fact that they will give a cozy touch to your kitchen.

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