Patriarch of the Soviet pharmacology (to 125 anniversary of S.V. Anichkov)

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Academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences Professor Sergei Viktorovich Anichkov (1892-1981) is a great Soviet scientist pharmacologist, the founder of Soviet neuropharmacology. Educated in Military Medical Academy, Kazan Medical Institute, Petrograd Woman’s Medical Institute. The famous Russian Professors I.P. Pavlov, V.N. Boldyrev, N.P. Kravkov and A.A. Likhachev were his teachers. Headed Department of Pharmacology in Military Medical Academy, Leningrad (1924-1937), Department of Pharmacology in Institute of Experimental Medicine, the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1948-1981). The main studies of S.V. Anichkov were devoted to pharmacology of chemoreceptors of the carotid bodies, cholinergic regulation of physiological functions, pharmacology of endocrine regulation, pharmacotherapy of neurogenic dystrophies, toxicology of military toxic compounds. Published more 250 papers including 10 monographs. Under his leadership, more 10 drugs (ethimizol, sygetine, metamizil, paramion etc) were developed and adopted for wide medical practice in the USSR. Founded one of the big scientific school in the field of pharmacology in the USSR. Laureate of Lenin and State prices of the USSR.

Petr D. Shabanov

Author for correspondence.
Institute of Experimental Medicine; S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy
Russian Federation, 12, Academic Pavlov street, Saint-Petersburg, 197376; 6G, Akademika Lebedeva street, Saint-Petersburg, 194044

Dr Med Sci, Professor, Head SV Anich kov Dept. of Neuropharmacology Institute of Experimental Medicine; Head of the dept. of Pharmacology Kirov Military Medical Academy

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