Pelvic organ prolapse in women: what are the patient expectations of the prospective treatment?

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Background. Personalized approach to the issue of pelvic organ prolapse in women assumes a detailed analysis of the patient’s expectations from the surgical treatment ahead.

Aim: detailing the treatment goals for patients with POP.

Materials and methods: Four hundred eighty six patients (mean age 54.3 ± 9.5 years) participated in a survey designed based on content from verbal reports of women with POP seeking medical help.

Results: Out of 9 presented options patients indicated 2–7 treatment goals. The most frequently specified main goals of the treatment were: cure of urinary incontinence (48.6%), correction of vaginal wall prolapse (27.1%), and improvement of quality of sexual life (10.3%).

Conclusion. Patients with POP indicate numerous objectives of surgical treatment. Treatment of urinary incontinence is the most frequently sought out main goal.

Mikhail Yu. Korshunov

Author for correspondence.
FSBEI HE “Academician I.P. Pavlov First St Petersburg State Medical University”
Russian Federation, 6/9, Lva Tolstogo street, St. Petersburg, 197089

PhD, associated professor; Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductology

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