Our experience of bromfenac-containing NSAID use in patients after cataract surgery

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Postoperative cystoid macular edema is an autoimmune reaction due to the blood-retinal barrier breakdown occurring at anterior segment inflammation. Aim: To analyze the effectiveness of various anti-inflammatory therapeutic schemes used in cataract surgery. Materials and methods. Phacoemulsification using similar consumables had been performed in 792 patients (932 eyes). They were divided into three groups: 1st group included patients receiving 1 to 3 dexamethasone (0.3 ml) and mesatone (0.1 ml) injections and Tobradex eye drops starting with 5 times a day for 4-5 weeks and then tapering (356 eyes); 2nd group (331 eyes) used eye drops of levofloxacin 0.5% solution and dexamethasone; and the 3rd group (325 eyes) in which instillations of ofloxacine and dexamethasone were combined with 0.09% eye drops solution of bromfenac (Broxinac) eye drops, the latter being prescribed QD for 2 days before and 16 days after surgery. Results. Treatment outcomes were less favorable in Group 1 (complications found in 15.2% of patients). Perioperative antibiotic eye drops of 0.5% levofloxacin solution provide a high level prevention of bacterial infection prevention after phacoemulsification. Patients treated with a combination of dexamethasone 0.1% solution eye drops and non-steroidal drug Broxinac had the lowest rate of postoperative inflammatory complications (7.0%).

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About the authors

Yuriy I Pirogov

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: oft@verficlinic.ru
MD, ophthalmologist, head of ophthalmology department

Galina M Butina

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: Aleksandrbutin@mail.ru
MD, ophthalmologist

Roman A Morozov

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: rmorozov@yandex.ru
MD, ophthalmologist

Aleksandr A Oksentyuk

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: os753@yandex.ru
MD, ophthalmologist

Mar’yana V Rybina

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: riba1208@rambler.ru
MD, ophthalmologist

Madina R Chshieva

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: chshieva.madi@mail.ru
MD, ophthalmologist

Mikhail S Shatalov

Medical center «Admiraltejskie verfi»

Email: shatalov.mikhail@inbox.ru
MD, ophthalmologist


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