Approach to cataract surgery in patients with irregular astigmatism due to pronounced corneal pathology

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In the article, the results of cataract surgery results in a patient with irregular astigmatism due to corneal comorbidity are presented. The authors demonstrate the efficacy and the safety of the method of residual astigmatism correction with the implantation of an additional pseudophakic IOL Sulcoflex (Rayner, Great Britain).

About the authors

Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Rakhmanov

First I. P. Pavlov State Medical University

candidate of medical science, assistant professor

Kirill Vladimirovich Khripun

First I. P. Pavlov State Medical University

MD, candidate for a degree. Department of Ophthalmology

Sergey Yuryevich Astakhov

First I. P. Pavlov State Medical University

doctor of medical science, professor, head of the department. Department of Ophthalmology

Ajshat Magomedovna Ramazanova

First I. P. Pavlov State Medical University

ophthalmologist. Department of Ophthalmology


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Copyright (c) 2014 Rakhmanov V.V., Khripun K.V., Astakhov S.Y., Ramazanova A.M.

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