Ahmed valve implantation: intraoperative and early postoperative complications

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Purpose. To analyze the causes of intraoperative and early postoperative complications and to develop a plan to improve the surgical technique. Methods. An Ahmed valve implantation by a standard method with obligatory posterior sclerectomy was performed in 238 patients aged from 18 to 88 years. Results. There were 7 cases of corneal perforation during the preparatory stage in excessively deep bridle suture; 3 cases of conjunctival and scleral perforation; 4 cases of inadvertent orifice enlargement in needle perforation of limbal scar tissue with consequent excessive filtration; in 37 patients, there was a hemorrhage from new vessels situated in the anterior chamber angle and the iris; 59 cases of serous cilio-choroidal effusion; 12 cases of hemorrhagic detachment. Conclusions. It is mandatory to follow the main principles of surgical technique and to take into consideration associated diseases.

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Vadim Petrovich Nikolaenko

City Ophthalmologic Center of City hospital N 2

Email: dr.Nikolaenko@mail.ru
MD, doctor of medical science, head of ophthalmology center

Larisa Mikhaylovna Kontantinova

City Ophthalmologic Center of City hospital N 2

Email: Dr.KonstantinovaLM@mail.ru
head of ophthalmology department N 1

Ol'ga Gennad'yevna Pavlova

City Ophthalmologic Center of City hospital N 2

Email: olga-g-p@rambler.ru


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