Quality of life changes after surgical treatment of retinal detachment

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Purpose. To study the effect of vitrectomy in retinal detachment (RD) treatment on the quality of life (QOL) of patients. Methods. We examined 67 patients who underwent surgical treatment of RD. QOL was assessed by VFQ-25 questionnaire before surgery and after 1 week and 6 months of it. Results. When assessing QOL before surgery, there was a significant reduction of the total QOL index by an average of 35% in comparison to the control group (p < 0.001). In the late postoperative period, a progressive increase of the total QOL index and visual function was recorded. Conclusion. Vitrectomy for the treatment of retinal detachment improves patients’ visual function and quality of life.

About the authors

Z Zh Al-Rashid

S.V. Ochapovskiy regional clinical hospital № 1 of the Krasnodar region

Email: consmedo@mail.ru
MD, PhD, Prof.

Aleksey Vladislavovich Malyshev

S.V. Ochapovskiy regional clinical hospital № 1 of the Krasnodar region

Email: consmedo@mail.ru
MD, PhD, head of microsurgery department

Ol’ga Igorevna Lysenko

S.V. Ochapovskiy regional clinical hospital № 1 of the Krasnodar region

Email: consmedo@mail.ru


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