A case of isolated intraocular recurrence of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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The development of diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in hematology contributed to a growth in survival rate in patients with acute leukemia and to the increase in number of different ocular conditions as rare signs of hemoblastosis recurrence and treatment’s side effects. We observed a female patient with extramedullar leukemic ocular damage in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It is noteworthy that the process of ocular involvement into the underlying disease occurred on the background of complete confirmed hematologic remission.

Natalia V. Chistyakova

Scientific Research Institution of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Trasplantology n.a. R.M. Gorbacheva clinic

Author for correspondence.
Email: shadrichev_dr@mail.ru

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, candidate of medical sciences, ophthalmologist

Fedor E. Shadrichev

St. Peterburg territorial diabetology center

Email: shadrichev_dr@mail.ru

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, candidate of medical sciences, head of the ophthalmology department

Tatiana I. Kuznetsova

Academician I.P. Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University

Email: brionika@gmail.com

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

MD, ophthalmologist

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